Connor Dechart

Hello simmer friends!!

Quarantine has got us all pulling our hairs out… well, at least that is what I would like think to make me feel better about ME pulling my hair out!

In other notes, I have been watching Detroit: Become Human, the movie of the game because, let’s face it, when do I have time to play a 10 hour game?? NEVA. The Sims don’t count.

I had a mad crush on Connor… it has not faded yet.

So naturally (because it isn’t unnatural for an almost 40 year old woman to crush on a 3D android and then try to make her version of his hotness in The Sims) I created my version of Connor.

My Connor has a more chiseled look, but I would like to think that I captured his eyes.

He is a quirk learner with a nerd brain — what do you expect? He is supposed to be an “android”… technically.

All CC is in file. All creators are mentioned below. All links can be found in the CC FIND on the top menu.

Connor is a genius; a bookworm and a loner… couldn’t help myself.



  • Darte77
  • Gorilla
  • Karzalee
  • Kijiko
  • LazyEyelids
  • MCLayneSims
  • obscurus
  • RemusSirion
  • sims3melancholic
  • teanmoon
What do you guys think? There is Connor the android, there is Bryan Dechart the actor,
And here is my version of the two. I am a bit bothered that the jaw is not wide as the jaw of Connor the android, because I think that is one of the best features of his handsome face. But! I’m done guys. This is the result and so be it. I still feel like I don’t have full control of the sliders on SIMS 4 as opposed to SIMS 3. It will come. It will come.

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