Journal Entry 1.10 J.T. A New Beginning

February 28, 2023 Windenburg, I have made my mark in Windenburg. I have been in love, out of love, and in love again, and then I have been rewarded with the most beautiful gift of all; I feel as though … Continue reading

Journal Entry 1.9 J.T. Michael is Gone

October 20, 2021 Michael is gone. Out of my life. Forever. After the exhibit he showered me with love and attention. Almost as if he felt guilty for not attending, and for lying about it. I went with the flow … Continue reading

Matthew Romo

Hello friends!

I have been trying to update my stories, and publishing some chapters for the Thornheart Legacy. While doing that I fell in love all over again with Matt (Matthew Romo, Jade’s past love).

When I created this sim I had no idea I would love him this much. Honestly, I created Matthew from a townie in University and I don’t have pictures of this townie anymore to show you the big difference. I also had no clue I would make him this handsome… I was just trying to keep the basics while altering the look.

My favorite things are his eyes; lips, and skin color. I LOVE the contrast in him.

Okay, enough sounding like a creep… I mean, who the hell falls in love with a sim?? Right?

These are some pictures I took in the middle of playing while I was deciding on his new look for his reappearance in Jade’s life.

One and only thing I changed was the color of his eyes. I played with this sim for months and didn’t realize his eyes are light green, and I was imagining yellowish. So I changed that.

He is like the Byronic Hero I have always imagine while reading Austen, Bronte, Holt, you name it.

Journal Entry 1.8 J.T. It’s a Small World

August 15, 2021 It’s been forever! To my credit, I have been busy with my art. Actually, I have big news: The exhibition is happening! I’m so excited. I know, I have not talk much about my art and been … Continue reading