Journal Entry 1.5 J.T. Spring Has Come

March 25, 2021

It was dark. He swam toward me. And all I could think was “why are you here?”
It felt like a dream. But it was too vivid.
Too real.

Dear pages of this journal, life has been grand…

So far, I have managed to get a few things on this lot of mine. Things that I thought would benefit me, but have in returned made my life harder.

Still… life is grand.

Last night I woke up from a dream. Or rather, I was woken up from a dream by thunder.

Who knew the after effects would become handy.

I was able to fix my stove which had broken with the rain. I guess getting hit by thunder isn’t as bad as I thought.

I certainly did not enjoy looking like an alien.

Jade bathing in the rain… naked: “NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW. WOOHOO

Spring time has certainly brought a few quirks which I did not know would be in my best interest,

“Hello? Yes, this is Thornheart. A fine for indecent exposure?

but which I welcome with great gratitude.

To be completely honest, I still think about him.

I know I said I was not going to make this about him, but, aren’t you – dear pages of this journal – meant to be my true best friend?

Man who’s name we don’t know – “Sweet mother of…”

The one and only to allow me to pour my heart and soul in these pages and… ?

Jade – ” Creep.”

Better get to the point.

Jade – “Hey are you guys talking about Matthew the Barista?”
Woman with a hat – “What? Who are you?”
Man with a Hat – “…”

This past January I tried making friends at the park. Mainly I just wandered there in search for left over burgers.

Woman with a hat – “Why do I have to tell you anything about Matt? Get in line lady… he has a huge following.”

I overheard a few people talking about him. They said they had seen him standing on the streets, in the cold, looking lost. Then he was gone…

They seemed upset to think he might have gone crazy and is now roaming the streets homeless…

Jade – “Where did you see him? How was he dressed? Was he alone? I NEED TO KNOW!!!”

I, in the other hand, can’t wait to see him so I can punch him in the face. Psycho!

March 26, 2021

Today is my birthday.

I’m not going to remember how I spent my birthday the last time.

I’m not going to write here anything that hurtful.

I’m just going to say… or rather write about downtown.

And how empty it was.

It’s like coming to this city for the first time once again.

Happy Birthday… Jade.

March 27, 2021

When it rains, it pours!

March 29, 2021

Spring really is the most beautiful season of all.

Jade – “Oh my Lord. Can’t stop bumping into you? Can I?

And the coffee shop has never been this alive. Or maybe it is because I feel more at home in this town.

Jade – “Excuse me, I would like a hot latte.”
Guy obsessed with Matt who’s name we still don’t know – “Get over it sista.”
Older lady with fake brown hair – “The old gang together again. Matt would be delighted.”
Jade – “Why are we still talking about him?”

I made friends with old acquaintances. I never thought I would ever be friends with them.

Asian dude – “I’m not… part of the… gang. Keep me out of it.”

But we hatched out the problems we had.

Older lady with fake brown hair – “Well he left because of you so… oh you didn’t know?”
Jade – “This is ridiculous.”

It was empowering, and left me so inspired to my best. I mean… why the hell did I came to this town in the first place?

Asian dude – “It’s hilarious. Keep me out of it.”
Older lady with fake brown hair – “Bless her ignorant self.”

It wasn’t to meet men and be fooled by them. It was to claim what is mine by right.

That empty lot… which now is filled with a bed without a roof.. and broken appliances.

But life will definitely get better. I just have to stay focused on my main goal:

Taken back the name Thornheart and erasing all the stigma created around it thanks to that witch!!!

And that is what I did today… after the coffee shop; I walked to clear my head. It made me realize I had lost my sense of responsibility.

That I had been blind to what really matters at this point. My future.

I also ended up fishing.

I’ll see you again, dear pages of this journal… very soon.

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