Soliada – Suburban Californian Home (CC)

Hello simmers! Finally finished this lot and I’m here to share it with all of you.

This house will be featured in my Jensen & Jourdan story which I’m working on and will be posting soon from where I left of with SIMS 3 – Chapter 4.

This house is the house of a rich man in his mid 50s. He lives with his two children which are over the age of 15. The boy likes to make music and that is what it seems will be his career in life; the girl is in her early 20s and overall spends a lot of time in college, so her room still has a lot of the hobbies she liked when she was a teen – planning, and coloring, etc.

It is a 50×40 lot, which will look amazing if placed in Del Sol Valley on that one lot that has the beautiful view overlooking the city. There is a music room with a sound room, and of course you guys can change that if it doesn’t fit your family. I don’t mind if you change anything.

4 Bedrooms. 4 Baths. 3 Dinning areas. 5 common areas. A study. Car garage. Pool.

UPDATE – I noticed while playing that one mod was causing a forever loading screen when traveling, so I have located the mod and removed it. I replaced it with another item. In addition to adding the texture to the kitchen island because for some reason the texture does not export with the rest of the mods.

All issues as far as I know have been solved.

Living Room 1
Living Room 2
Family Room
Guest Bathroom
Dining Room
Breakfast nook
Master Bedroom
First floor Floor – plan
Common area – Second floor
Girl’s Room
Guest Room
Shared Bathroom
Boys Room
Music Room
Sound Room
Massage Room
Second floor Floor-plan
Bird-eye view

All the CC is included in the Download file. Credit is given below and links under CC FINDS on the top Menu. 

DOWNLOAD – Remember to have bb.moveobjects on active when placing the lot.

CREDIT — Did my very best. Links to creators in the CC FINDS page on the top Menu. Thanks!!

*Not all the names listed below are necessarily equivalent to an item in the file. Some of these names are original mesh creators which deserve credit as much as the creators that re-colored the meshes.

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