Thank You

Wow, I got 3 followers in this blog which barely has no content. I’m really thankful to the followers that for one reason or the other have put faith in what I will be blogging here.
To show you how thankful I am I will share one of my favorite sims! And some sweet music to go along.

Forgive the old taste in music but I’m not any younger haha. This song is one of my old time favorites.ย  -.^

I love playing with this sim, for some reason I have never shared him on any site, but here he is for all of you to enjoy!

Thank you for following. ^.^


Vincent Rose

ย  For Vincent I used the WEAK skin. The freckle version

I also used sliders. I’m pretty sure you will be able to download him as is if you get the skin -pretty much what matters most.

But here are the links for the sliders nonetheless:

Not all from jonha but most

Hermi Lip Shape

Facial sliders by Ahmad (the original download link was taken down. I’m sure it’s still around because that’s how I got mines, but I swear I have no idea were it was. Some random site)



ShojoAngel at TSR





watercolor contacts by Elixis


He is a rocker; a dare devil; most times grumpy, but sweet; shy although he does not admit to it; light sleeper, and virtuoso.