Journal Entry 1.9 J.T. Michael is Gone

October 20, 2021 Michael is gone. Out of my life. Forever. After the exhibit he showered me with love and attention. Almost as if he felt guilty for not attending, and for lying about it. I went with the flow … Continue reading

Journal Entry 1.7 J.T. Blooming Perfection

MAY 2, 2021 These past week has been crazy! Hello, my dear pages of this journal, I have been so engulfed in life that I almost forgot I have a commitment to log it all down on these pages. Your … Continue reading

Journal Entry 1.5 J.T. Spring Has Come

March 25, 2021 Dear pages of this journal, life has been grand… So far, I have managed to get a few things on this lot of mine. Things that I thought would benefit me, but have in returned made my … Continue reading