Last Note for September

And hopefully I can post the second chapter for Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan at the beginning of October.

My friends I passed my class with only 3 questions wrong in the exam, I was so happy I almost cried in front of my boss he had to hug me. LOL.

If you guys are still very unsured of what I do (you might not give a damn but still, I want to brag about my accomplishment… *sigh* sad life) I work as a mechanic for the postal service in USA. I fix machines… well, that is the idea. So I had to take this class which was an introduction to electronics. Yep, all that atom, and protons, and magnetic fields, and capacitors, and transistors, and whatnot… all that stuff, which is a pain in the… down back there, yes. So I passed, and now I can relax playing sims. Why not?

While studying I only allowed myself to relax for two hours a day by building a world. Yes! I finally decided to go back to building a world and giving it a try. The results I will show in just a few more unnecessary words from me… I’m not finished, not by a mile, and I do plan to upload it for download. I am using CC for this world, I try to use as little as possible but plants, and city items, all that has been taken from other creators. If you guys have houses and would like your houses to be showcase in my world, then by all means let me know. Of course I will give full credit to the creator!! No question.

Right. so… I just missed you all this entire week, so I want to talk about, NOTHING, just talk. LOL. Well it would be write in this case… argh! Im posting the pictures:



Welcome to Cottonwood Hills.
This is central plaza and the City Hall. Buildings around it are pretty much apartments, and commercial buildings, clubs, and theaters from Starlight Shores and Briedgeport. I have one park, which didn’t come out in any of the pictures, that is from another creator. When I post pictures of it I will mention her/his name.


View of the Central Plaza. I got this from Island Paradise.


I love how the streets are coming out, so bare with me while I spam them all over this post. :p



An alley









This will be one of the main streets as it has the back of City Hall, the Hospital, and lots of commercial buildings around.


Same main street, a parking lot.


A nice decorative fountain. Thank you EA.


The hospital and that Cafe from that pack EA released? I can’t remember the name of it. There is a book store to the right.


I love this shot. :3


Hospital is plain, I tried to dress it as much as I could. In the back I put a fountain and lots of benches. I imagine family members gathering there for a smoke. I just wish it had some windows. Oh well…


At the end of the “main street” there is a police station and probably the only one in the entire world. LOL.


Another street shot. I have since then, added more grass under the trees and recolored some of the terrain around the buildings and such things. Is coming along slowly but surely. Teehee.


If anyone remembers Sunset Valley well, then they will know where this is when I say that I opened a road down the hill, by the beach in Sunset Valley, that goes up to the neighborhood on top of the big hill where EA put nice looking modern houses. Yes? No? I speak in riddles. Sorry. By the way, this house is from Machineswhenleftalone


The corner house, and the road next to it going up the hill.


Up the road, this house is supposed to look old. But I think it fails at that lol.


From up the road, here are the houses. I still need to add three more to complete the neighborhood.


A view of Downtown. Since then, I have added the neighborhood down by the beach, two more apartment buildings to the left. More trees. Lots of trees.
So none of that comes out in this picture.

Hope you guys like what I have so far. The houses will be empty, unless I use ones that are already created. My wish is to finish this world! That’s all.

โค Becca




Setra — A Sims 3 World

Oh Lordy’s pancakes!!!

I never learn my lesson do I? I have often tried to play other CC worlds, but never really like something or other. It always seems there is something missing, but this world looks amazing!!

Haha… I hope I do finally like a world that I can have almost all in one; city, dessert, and country side.


Oh! Almost forgot: DOWNLOAD LINK