6 Degrees of Separation Challenge

This is the challenge for which I wrote the story Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan. The story I have already told you guys I will be posting here after editing the chapters.

Check out the challenge here!

Basically this challenge is to have six stories connecting each one by one character, and not repeating it. For example, the first story must be connected to the second by one character but this character cannot be in the second story more than one time and it cannot be the one character to connect the second to the third, it must be another character from the second story. And like this, all the stories should connect until the last story.

My first story is Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan.

Jensen became an orphan twice in his young life. His adoptive parents died in a mysterious car accident for which he was the sole survivor. Now his life means nothing to him, and although he is under the care of an aunt, he sees nothing good out of his life. But that all changes when he meets a peculiar woman, who claims she has come from the future to save him from himself.