The Randominov Legacy 1.10 – End of Generation One

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Note from the author: So… it has been forEVA! since I last updated on my boy Ivan. By now, my readers might know me as the bullshitter simmer, I won’t argue that. Here is the 10th chapter of the Randominov … Continue reading

The Randominov Legacy 1.9

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Note from the author: Another update! So Soon!! AGAIN!! In this update with the Randominovs we get to see a lot, a lot, a lot of… aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Just stay tune!! Objectives for this update: To have coco finally give up … Continue reading

The Randominov Legacy 1.8

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Note from the author: Another update! So Soon!!ย  Glad you can join us again to another update with the Randominovs, and their silliness; Rocco’s imaginary friend; Antone’s evil plans to take over it, and Ivan… nothing is there to say … Continue reading

The Randominov Legeacy 1.5

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And we come back once more to another moment with BORIS. For those just meeting Ivan for the first time, if you wish to catch up you can start by clicking the Random Challenge link under my Challanges/Stories page up … Continue reading