Meet Alexandre Collins – A City Dweller

30 Seconds to Mars – “Stay” – Cover

AlexandRE – not a mistake. His parents were very avant garde.

Alexandre Collins is a city native, his aspiration is Home Turf.

All CC is in file. All creators are mentioned below. All links can be found in the CC FIND on the top menu.

He is outgoing and very active; however, he is noncommittal! Sorry ladies.



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Gallery ID: Lalagreeneyesf21

Jude Radcliffe

Today I felt like making a new male sim. I already had this cutie on my bin so it was just some editing.

After playing a bit with his eyebrows I noticed his eyes resemble Jared Letto’s… Oh my! I looked up my favorite song from my favorite show and the results were amazing… at least I think so.

As always all important CC is included in the file except for the sliders which link has been provided. Have fun with him guys!





Credits to:

Ephemira – ShojoAngel – Simsimi – Jasumi


BurntWaffles – Pixicat – Steffizi – Gosik – Psycho




โค Becca



Love is Blindness

I reached my breakthrough – 1000 views. I’m having fun with this blog, and I hope you guys are enjoying it as well.

I didn’t realize the views until last night, he, he, he; so I prepared a small gift for all the viewers as a token of my gratitude. At first it wasn’t working out as I planned it, but once the creative process cave in it just bloomed so gorgeously, the product has now surpassed my expectations.

– This time I have included all the necessary CC on his file, except for the sliders, but the link to those is provided. Have fun!

Simmers, I present to you: The Sparrow


Enoch Devon

– click on the pics to see a bigger version ๐Ÿ˜‰


Love is blindness

Enoch is a night owl, a genius; very proper with the ladies, and a bookworm of sorts…


But don’t let this bookworm gentleman fool you,



Because he is also very, very



Credits to:



Enoch Devon






I’m too numbed to feel…


blow out the candles…



Becca โค

UPDATE — Hair has been added to the file and also the moles which I had forgotten. If there are any problem with Enoch please let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Wicked Mismatch

I knew I had the title wrong in the first post for this (missmatch) but for the love of God I have no idea why I didn’t bother to check if I was right… *sigh*. It won’t be the first or last time I have bad orthography. The sad part of all of these is that not even in my native language (Spanish) I have good orthography….

Moving on!

I wanted to create a group of friends with the theme of University in mind. I went ahead and focused on stereotypes like: the bad boy vs the good boy, the dorky girl vs the femme fatale. However, since we all have a bad, good, dorky, and dark side in us no matter who we are in the outside, I have these four cuties together having fun, like the best friends they are!

You can download them separately, I know you might want one or two but not all, or whatever the case… have fun!!

Oh! One last thing, he he; in two of them the hair color might be slightly different from the one in the pictures, that’s because in the last minute I changed it for the photos. I don’t think that is a problem, since I used the based colors of the game, also I think everyone changes the sims once in their game. I know I do! ๐Ÿ˜‰




two cuties



oldest of friends



Before downloading remember to get the sliders by clicking on my Sliders page above.

Also sorry some CC have no links, especially the lipsticks, because they are just so many from the creator I forgot which one it is exactly.

The eyebrows with no link or credit; I’m really sorry to the creator, I’ll try my best later to find the right file on my MODS folderย  … tiresome work. ย ย  -__-


Athletic; commitment issues; daredevil; irresistible; vehicle enthusiast.


Hair: Lapiz

Eyebrows: Shock&Shame

Eyes: ShojoAngel

Makeup: N3S — Lipstick

Clothes: University/Diesel

Danny Kim

Excitable; perfectionist; mooch; bookworm, and genius.


Hair: Raonjenaย 

Eyebrows: unknown — sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Eyes: watercolor by Elexis

Makeup: S-Club — lipstick

Clothes: University/Diesel


Artistic; avant-garde; clumsy; heavy sleeper, and hot-headed.

Skin —ย  NephilimV2 edited by Joedy

Hair:ย  Eternila

Eyebrows: Traelia

Eyes: watercolor by Elexis

Makeup: N3S — Lipstick; GOSIK — eyeshadow

Face moles by GOSIK

Clothes: University

Claudia Longheart

Neat; ambitious; brave; computer whiz, and diva.

Skin —ย  NephilimV2 edited by Joedy

Hair:ย  Peggy retexture by Anubis

Eyebrows: unknown — sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Eyes: ShojoAngel

Makeup: S-Club — Lipstick; GOSIK — eyeshadow

Face moles by GOSIK

Clothes: University/ILikemusic –shoes

Bad Boy

it’s 4:40 in the morning here, and I should be sleeping since I have to wake up in about 2hrs to go to schoolย  -.-

Instead I was making a sim with the new hair I got from i like the sims!

OH-MY-JEESUS!!! This is the hair I have been hunting for ages, and Cazy (original creator) I have no idea where it is… I tried Ritsuka’s retexture and it didn’t work for some technical reasons… I looked all over – I really love this hair. Well, today I was just wandering about and found it!! Hurried off to create yet my most gorgeous male sim.

But of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! -.^

…. and of course I was listening to this… but blame IMHO for making the “Bad Boy” poses.

Sorry for the spam but I’m really in love with this guy right now :p

ย Edmundo Marcel

Rebellious; irresistible; daredevil;

ambitious, and hot-headed (couldn’t resist)


Skin – WEAK (freckle skin)
Eyes – ShojoAngel
Makeup – Pralinesims/Gosik/Psycho (face moles)
Eyebrows — Flinn


Clothing – EA (University/Diesel)




Because hairless men are overrated!

UPDATE — Okay guys so there has been a good update for this file. What was happening was that Edmundo wasn’t downloading into the game through the launcher no matter what. So I decided to upload a fresh file and it still won’t download. I have no idea why. So what I did now is that the file instead of being .sim3Pack is a .sims file. Which means you have to place the file that will read Edmundo1_Marcel.sims on your savedsims folder instead of Mods or Downloads. The rest of the CC is on the mediafire folder, and I included the slidersย  ๐Ÿ˜‰
Another thing to note is that the freckle skin that Edmundo had originally and the ShojoAngel eyes are no longer on my existing game folder so I added a new skin (also from ephemera) and a new set of eyes. On the download folder I have included the ShojoAngel eyes for your convenience if you prefer those eyes. The freckle skin you will have to find on the ephemera site which is linked above under skin. Thank you, and very sorry for all the trouble.
Please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.