Annabelle Mellark — Chapter Six: The Morning After

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Note from the author: It’s been such a long time I feel I have no right to continue with any of my stories because I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the readers have abandon all hopes that there will … Continue reading

The Randominov Legacy 1.10 – End of Generation One

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Note from the author: So… it has been forEVA! since I last updated on my boy Ivan. By now, my readers might know me as the bullshitter simmer, I won’t argue that. Here is the 10th chapter of the Randominov … Continue reading

Annabelle Mellark — Chapter Five: The Trembling Branch

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Note from the author: First. I really need to apologize to the readers of the Mellarks for taking so long to update the story. My intentions were never to do something like this, however, I can’t seem to gain a … Continue reading

The Randominov Legacy 1.9

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Note from the author: Another update! So Soon!! AGAIN!! In this update with the Randominovs we get to see a lot, a lot, a lot of… aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Just stay tune!! Objectives for this update: To have coco finally give up … Continue reading

The Randominov Legacy 1.8

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Note from the author: Another update! So Soon!!ย  Glad you can join us again to another update with the Randominovs, and their silliness; Rocco’s imaginary friend; Antone’s evil plans to take over it, and Ivan… nothing is there to say … Continue reading