1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Five (2nd Part)

I GUESS I HAVE TO PUT THIS HERE: WARNING! THIS STORY CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE. Note from the author: well, the breakthrough happened, and no all that is left is for me to continue with the same energy, see … Continue reading

1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter 5

I GUESS I HAVE TO PUT THIS HERE: WARNING! THIS STORY CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE… AND SEX… OCCASIONALLY Note from the author: After 6 years… and over a month, I continue my story of Jensen and the Ghost of … Continue reading

Previously in Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan

While writing chapter 5 for this story I realized that 6 years is a long time and while the story is fresh in my mind, it might not be the case for you, my readers!

So a recap was born!

If you are new reading the story, start with the first chapter!!!

JENSEN – an almost 18 year old boy who is close to graduating high school; lives with his adoptive mother’s sister (he doesnt like to call her aunt because she technically isn’t, but he has other reasons…) Patricia, and her son Tommy.

While Jensen and Patricia don’t get along, he is very protective of Tommy and is only hanging in the house because of him.

He is smitten with a girl named Maria from his class. Later he goes on a first date with Maria kind of initiated by Maria herself. The date doesn’t go as planned.

Jensen is constantly philosophizing about life. Although he has been through some trauma in his life, and doesn’t really seem to hope for much, he is strong for those he loves, and has a huge sense of responsibility.

So when Patricia asked him to stay away from the house for a month so that her gigolo boyfriend could stay there, Jensen was torn about leaving Tommy.

It is important to note, his best friend Maxwell is one of the few people in his life that he trusts.

JOURDAN – a strange woman that appears in Jensen’s room and claims to have come from the future to help Jensen from himself. Although not said, it is implied that Jourdan is much older than Jensen (maybe in her late 20s or early 30). Jourdan is asking Jensen to leave his aunt’s place, but he is not listening to her. The only reason he sorta leaves the house is because his aunt throws him out temporarily.

We learn from very early that Jourdan is working in cahoots with Jensen’s sexy teacher that goes by the name of Ji-Sang but who’s real name is Joon Ji-Woo to have Jensen leave his aunt’s place and potentially learn of his past – who his real parents were/are, and why he should leave at the very least his aunt’s place.

There is a weird chemistry between Jourdan and the teacher; they don’t always get along so well. However, because of their sense of responsibility toward Jensen we learn that Jourdan is in fact (apparently so) from the future and is potentially dying. We also learn Jourdan can go through walls, and appear in places at will… so yeah, she is not from this world.

The most crucial bit of information is that she is Jensen’s wife in the future she comes from… that is, if you believe her.

Ji-Sang – or Joon Ji-Woo has some crazy past related to Jensen’s past.

There is a strange blonde lady always popping up in his memory and he seems to be in shreds over losing her. This lady might be Jensen’s mother. It has not been clearly stated, but we can assume based on his last conversation with Jourdan which did not end well.. I mean, Jourdan kicked his ass. Just saying.

Ji-Sang is too sexy for his shirt…. no really, he is. But he is on a mission to take care of something that he promised this mysterious lady he constantly remembers.

He helped Jensen’s not friend Elias when he was wounded by allowing him to use his couch while he recovers.

He also went to meet with a lady friend, and realized he was kind of taking advantage of a situation that was to easy for him. He is not a bad guy you know? Just because he is sexy doesn’t mean he is full of it.

Oh! One more thing, he loves his liquor. I don’t know, I though it might be important to bring that up.

The Rest of the Gang – Well there is Maria, she does have feelings for Jensen but is a bit pushy… and weird too, in her own way; Clauida, she is at the moment very extra, and so is Erika Lee (Maxwell’s girlfriend);

Elias sells drugs (why? we have no idea yet). Got in trouble, was saved by Jourdan who witnessed him getting wounded. Jourdan advised Jensen to ask Ji-Sang for help.

Maxwell is Jensen’s best friend and shows he cares for Jensen like a brother, but there was something else on Maxwell’s mind that last time Jensen spoke to him on the phone… what was it? hmmm.

Bad guy Julian – who has been influencing Patricia to kick Jensen out of the house so he can live with her and not have to see Jensen’s face every day. Why does he hate him so much? Another mystery. But Patricia might be catching up to something…

There are lots of more details that are lost here… if you have read the story they will come back shortly… no worries there.



Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan for SIMS 4

Hello friends! When I was playing Sims 3 I started a challenge titled: 6 Degrees of Separation, which consisted of writing six stories that would all linked by a character of the previous story, but that character could only make … Continue reading

The Past – First Note Since Forever!

Hi simmers!!

Long time I haven’t been here. It feels like I’m a stranger in my own domain. Sorta like Jensen says: “a stranger inside me” Hehehe. Okay I did think of giving a very sensitive introduction since I have not been here for a long time, but I kinda ruined it with the unintentional Jensen reference above.

My time away from here has been both, super exciting and full of wonderful moments – magical moments in fact -; but it has also been full of some of the saddest most difficult moments of my life. Without going into too much detail because there are some things still happening now and are very private; I have been in constant struggle since I was involved in a crash when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son. Nothing happened to us, and that I will never stop appreciating! Thank GOD!! But my car was practically totaled and my husband found a way to trade it in for something else, but that was about a month of my life that was full of arguments and stressful situations between my husband and the car shop… anyway, just not a pretty time for a soon to be mother. What fallows after the birth of my son, which had to come into this world in a dramatic way! – he peed all over my insides (yep, I had c-section but that is left for whenever I start a mommy blog) what fallows is a chronicle of bad situations, one after the other, with very few weeks of joy in between. Just when we thought things were getting better, my husband is now going through a very rough time and of course it affects me as well… long story short, in between all the sad moments and all the madness, just looking at my sons face puts a smile on mine. He is the sweetest most lovable boy on this earth! Of course every mother says that about their child. But is true!! Trust me. I know! I’m the mom, hahaha.

Tonight I wanted to play some sims, I started playing again two days ago and I want to continue on playing, see if I can get the hang of it again. But when I came to the computer, I really wanted to come here and reminisce of a time when things were less stressful, but also less exciting. There is no other way to feel about it. This blog though! This blog makes me so happy, and seeing all my sims again, aw! The joy! So I have decided to come back and continue to post chapters on my stories. I don’t know how long it will take me to post things, I am involved in many other projects at the moment, and all are equally amazing things. One thing I know is I will try my best to bring at the very least one post a month.

I will start by showing the original sims from the 6 Degrees of Separation story “Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan Dunn”. You know! Since we are on the subject of the past…

I always feel horrified when I look at pictures of myself during my teen years. Is like I don’t know who that person was, because I certainly look better than her. But then again, teen years (especially the early ones) are often very awkward… right? I think EA captures that very well with the teens on the sims. However, when I look at my pictures, I can’t help but feel that is the original me and I miss being her sometimes.

It’s the same with my characters, I miss the original them. Here are a few pictures I found on my old files. Jensen and Ji changed quite a lot, but I think it was Patricia the one who transformed the most. ^ ^


Jensen Tomo

I think I find this Jensen more handsome, but that was the point of the transformation. To make him more common.


Jourdan Dunn

Jou was more creepy looking…. eek.


Ji Sang

Ha! I can’t say I like this Ji better. No siree.


Patricia Milton

She was too evident.


Maria DeLuna


There were also changes in the plot, aside from the addition to important characters like Elias and Julian (because Maxwell existed although he had a very small roll in the original), Jensen did not like Maria as much as he likes her on this new version, certainly a weak point in the original story in my opinion, and Patricia was more like the stepmother of Cinderella (she even had 2 kids, equally as horrible as her) and well, Jensen was Cinderella… I didn’t realize how much I had made him into a Cinderella until I published the chapters. A mistake I definitely struggle to not make this time around, although he still is a victim… meh. So let’s remedy that. I have to go back to my notes and work on Jensen, I want him to be human. I want him to have flaws, and make mistakes. I want him to affect you!


Until we meet again