High End Loft Crash 4.11.13

Yep! It happened once again, the game crashed because of High End Loft. This time around I was able to find out why my game is crashing with High End Loft.

I learned how to read the xcpt file more or less to a level in which I can tell what is causing the problem, but I still cannot tell why. That’s what the crashanalyzer is for ^ ^

Again, it tells me is because a patch is available…. uh, I have my game up to the date!

Turns out I might have skipped a certain patch. I found two simmers talking about a problem similar to this on the forums.

I have no idea how this happened since I patch every time an update comes out, but who knows… at this point anything is possible.

Now all that is left for me is to try and see if it really works by patching the game now. I can’t be sure so I’ll leave this for the morning, when I’m at my best … err, after coffee.

I’ll update on this!





High End Loft Crash 3.23.13

So my game crashed today for the second time in about 4 months or so.

I thought I was free of crashes with the NRaas mods but…


Yeah, it sucks!

However I do have the crash analyzer from MODS and apparently the two recent times the game has crashed is because of High End Loft Stuff Pack and something or other about a patch update… I have no idea if it is the update never completed for that SP or if it is that the SP is just plain messed up since I have heard getting games from Origin can be a bad idea, but other than HEL I have no problems with my other EPs and SPs.

I uninstalled HEL and re-installed it; went into the game and so far no crashes. However, several months passed between crashes last time so only time will tell with this one.

I wasted an hour of game playย  -___-

If you have had crashes because of HEL SP please do tell your experience!

Thank you!