Thornhearts Legacy

This is a Legacy Challenge

All updates can be easily found here; from journal entries to notes on the Legacy, to anything that has to do with the Thornhearts Legacy.

Please note that updates for this legacy challenge will come in the form of journal entries. Instead of narrating the story of this legacy, I will be uploading the founder’s journal pages as she experiences life in a new town. 

It is meant to be satire in general with a bit of realism, and lots of romance. Because I like romance. It’s not supposed to be serious story, but just me playing a legacy, taking pictures, and improvising some story line along the way. HAVE FUN! 



Journal Entry 1.1 J.T. A Strange Town A Beautiful Stranger.

Journal Entry 1.2 J.T. A Barista Named Matt.

Journal Entry 1.3 J.T. He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not.

Journal Entry 1.4 T.J. The End of Our Friendship

Journal Entry 1.5 T.J. Spring Has Come

Journal Entry 1.6 T.J. M is for Mad World

Journal Entry 1.7 T.J. Blooming Perfection

Journal Entry 1.8 T.J. It’s a Small World

Matthew Romo

Journal Entry 1.9 Michael is Gone

Journal Entry 1.10 T.J. A New Beginning

Journal Entry 2.1 L.J. The Start of Something New