Some of the listed creators have no link. I always intended to add them as I played Sims 3, but I stopped playing and I no longer will be updating Sims 3 content. I apologize for the inconvenience! 

One of the main sites I frequent is TSR (The Sims Resource). The top creators I use are:  Pralinesims; GOSIK; ShojoAngel; Ilikemusic. But there are tons of other creators I use as well, especially furniture and decor items.

I have also gotten some stuff from Mod The Sims.


  • Shock&Shame
  • I Like The Sims
  • Sjoko
  • beaverhausenx
  • Cazy
  • Eternila
  • Anubis
  • Fanaskher
  • sunpi
  • Iggysaurus
  • peggyzone
  • Simmingwithsirens
  • ginko
  • JS Sims 3
  • Aikea Guinea
  • Procrasimnation
  • Lapiz Lazuli
  • Raon
  • Newsea
  • APHRODITE — Eyebrows
  • elixis — Eyebrows
  • Ephemera (WEAK) — Eyebrows
  • Kosmo — Eyebrows
  • yunghsiao — Eyebrows
  • Jasumi — Stubble
  • let them eat burnt waffles — teen brow conversion
  • ctenid

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