Updates on the Thorn

If you would like to contact me, here is my info:

email – beccathornheart228@yahoo.com

The side bar menu has links to my two tumblr accounts and my instagram. Visit me and leave some love <3, thank you.

I welcome conversation of any kind as long as you keep it respectful!

Update status on my stories:

Active Stories

  • Jensen & the Ghost of Jourdan — Technically is the second week of May… yay!! I have finally broken the long hiatus with this story and posted the next chapter (CHAPTER 5) the second installment of this chapter will follow super soon as I already have more than 50% done.
  • Thornheart Legacy — This is a new legacy I started with SIMS 4 and it is a Legacy Challenge. Chapter 8 is the latest update. Will do my best to follow with at least one chapter before the end of May.

Non-Active Stories

  • Annabelle Mellark (1st Story of Mellark Legacy) — This story unfortunately won’t be completed. It was never kinda popular the theme of cousins in love, most find it creepy. I find it sexy as heck.
  • Randominov Legacy — I attempted to continue with the Second Generation, but ALAS! I was not too happy with my laggy game and SIMS 4 LP videos on YouTube were too appealing. I will forever miss my Ivan Randominov and his legacy.

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