First Note for September

The year has gone by so fast, yet so much has happened to all of us across the world. Without a doubt it has been a tough year for most of us if not all.
My only wish is that we end this year feeling hopeful that better things will come.

I come here today to share the news – I have started a youtube channel for Sims.

Yes, I know… what am I getting myself into, how am I going to keep up with it if I can’t even keep up with this blog. So many insecurities, yet I feel encouraged, positive, inspired. I want to tell myself that I can do this; that I will be able to get back in track and keep up with both the channel and my blog. That I can succeed.

I will share the link to the channel here, and it will also be somewhere on the top right corner of this blog.
Hope you all wish me LUCK!

And don’t be shy and come say hi! ———->



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