Journal Entry 2.1 L.T. The Start of Something

August 10, 2057

Dear pages of this journal — Yes! I have read my mother’s pages and I cannot believe I almost did not exist.

Mother seemed pretty fixated on that Michael fellow.

Later for her to get back together with father, and live “happily ever after” was a blessing from the above!!!

My mother Jade Thornheart and my father Matthew Romo – February of 2022

From early age, mother explained to me the importance of this journal, and the reason why I should log my life in here. But… I have not done that AT ALL. I have to be honest; as a teenager I never saw the importance of it, until now…

I come here today, after so many years of neglect, to tell you a story that should be known if not to the entire world, at the very least passed down from generation to generation.

But, before I start with my story, I will tell you how life was for me growing up, as it does provide an insight into my character and why I made the decision I made later on in life.

I lived most of my younger life in a medium family home that my parents designed.

Our house looked the prettiest during the Winter season.

Matthew Romo 2050

My father was very mysterious with his life, I never met anyone from my father’s side of the family.

He would tell us different stories every time; one was, he had come from nowhere important to be in the most important place in the entire world; our home.

Matthew – “So my family isn’t really a very affectionate one. They have never been around people that love parties, and, well… they have never been exposed to loving people before.”
Mathew – “I sent the invitations for the Christmas party, but I’m telling you… they are not very outgoing.”
Jade – “…”
Mathew – “I think she didn’t buy it.”

Another version was that they had all died in a fire, and he was homeless for a while.

Later he had met mother and fallen deeply in love with her. So much, he tried to forget her but could not, and so he had come back to make her his wife.

But my least favorite version was: he had left his entire family to be with mother; and later when I was conceived, he could not, and would not look back.

This one always made me sad. To think father had left his family and never looked back… what a lonely life that must have been.

Matthew Romo graduated top of his class, 2024

I would rather think he was exaggerating and just did not want to tell us who his family was. It was much easier that way, but also very frustrating.

Jade Thornheart 2050

My mother in the other hand was opened like a book. She told us stories of her father; what little she remembered of her mother; and the horrible, but interesting – to me – Lucile.

To my mother she was the very Devil himself.

To me, she was like a character in a children story. I was always eager to know more about Lucile, and my mother was always eager to tell us how horrible she was.

The plan had been set in motion: to leave a Legacy so strong, that Lucile would never be able to destroy. “Our name shall be known to all.”

But that was my mother’s plan.

And of course, it did not always go according to it.

One night, mother froze to death, and after father pleaded with Death to save her, she was spared.

But later this would come at a much greater price.

Father and Mother’s dynamic was not often a model one, but we did have a strong family structure, which – I believe – is imperative in a child’s life.

From left to right: Romeo (7), Rebecca (9), Lucas (12)

We often indulged in outside playtime with our parents.

And that was something that carried on way into our adult life.

As a child I was into sports a lot’ later I grew up to be fit and toned, and this got me ahead with girls but it really wasn’t all that great.

Firstly, let me talk about my siblings:

Rebecca Thornheart, 2047

Rebecca; she was almost my twin, but really was younger than me about 3 years. She had grown up into a beautiful woman,

obsessed with losing weight and getting fit,

and with playing the violin.

Matthew – “So the… hot dog…. well, when you are about to-”
Rebecca – “Dad! I know what happens during sex, you can stop now.”

I hope I never have a daughter… phew – Lucas’s thoughts

Rebecca eventually reached the weight that made her happy, and she still looked beautiful. In fact, she was always glowing and in a good mood.

Later she met Daniel Won, a fellow who had just recently moved to the neighborhood.

They were so in-love so fast, they eloped and surprised the family after.

Father and I thought him to be a bit strange, we blamed the whole affair on him. You see, Daniel is 10 years older than my sister; she was only 21 when they married.

Rebecca & Daniel Won ~ 2047

though we had no doubt Rebecca would be able to handle him or any other man for that matter.

Still, I have always been weary of him. That feeble smirk…

Romeo Thornheart, 2050

My younger brother, Romeo… he was a “gift of nature” as mother would put it, it was simply her way of saying he was not planned but much welcomed.

We loved Romeo and always took care of him. Rebecca and I were always very protective of him,

More like father’s twin than any of us,

as equally great with the ladies, but never intentionally or knowingly. He didn’t have malice, nor did he ever cared to be seen as anything else other than what he was; a gentle soul, and as such he will always be cherished.

In the end, we have come back full circle to my story.

For myself I have to say very little, only that I enjoy networking and messing around with computers and such things, however, my truest passion is writing and I have become proficient in that aspect.

My relationship with my parents has always been good. Although I must admit, if I am to be completely honest, that I am my mother’s favorite.

Perhaps it is the fact that she is trying to build a legacy, and prepared me for that half of my life.

And so here I am, though not a journalist nor will I ever be despite being a writer, I will attempt to inform you of what my life has been in a story that I feel compel to write.

It all started back in 2044, when I was 21 and in the prime of my youth.

I didn’t want for much other than love. Yes, I had fallen in love with a girl named Erika Tisdale. She was my first… EVERYTHING.

In fact, to have her say yes to us dating felt like I had the world in my hands. My love for her was that strong… so I thought.

But It was not I who terminated our relationship. As It turned out, Erika was not ready to be married and form a family.

Her love for me was not as great as my love for her seemed to be. She was too young, she said…

She wanted to explore other people,

She would not throw away her youth marrying practically what had been her high school sweetheart.

She was caught up in her looks and, loving me was only part of learning and experiencing life, but not what she had planned for “forever”.

I was devastated, of course; my very first love, and it had ended in the most cruel way it could possibly end. I did not expect to ever find anyone to love or that would love me in return… I know, I was wrong. And I am here to tell you that story…

Welcome to our Legacy:

The Thornhearts Generation 2.

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