First Note of June

Hello simmers!

I just wanted to make an update on things overall.

So I have noticed that most of the lots I have recently uploaded (all of the lots for this year LOL) have had one issue or another. Items missing texture and/or broken CC, at least in my game when I play the lots it has shown this way so I have made changes to each and every lot that has had a problem as far as I can tell.

English Country Home


City Dweller

If guys found any problems let me know and I will address this if I haven’t already.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that I deleted the tumblr I recently started to showcase my builds. I feel like I already do that on INSTAGRAM and, I really never understood the tumblr community. No offense to anyone that loves tumblr, but I just don’t fit in.
Tumblr is like Facebook but for a cooler much younger crowd. And I’m not into that.

I love wordpress because the community here is more laid-back, and things are peaceful.

Oh, yeah! Stories are coming in the following days. Legacy update, and later Jensen and Jou. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week!



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