1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Five (2nd Part)


Note from the author: well, the breakthrough happened, and no all that is left is for me to continue with the same energy, see if I can finish this story before the year is over. At least the first part of the story.
If you are confused by the strange style of story telling read this GUIDE first.


“What is it?”

“Dad! I would like to be left alone. Say what you have to say and then leave.”

“Did you make sure that boy is doing alright?”

“He is fineeee. I’m sure he’s already gone home by now. Is that it?”

“Well… there was another boy there, I’m just curious about your friends, do you…”

“Jensen also went home. Everyone is fine.”

“Don’t stay up too late. Grandma needs her rest.”

“I’m the one who’s not fine.”


“I’m going to the basement. Don’t wait up for me.”

“I’m sure she was not a vision. That idiot doesn’t even know valuable she is. Unless…

“Unless she is related to one of the boys? But how?

“And if so, does this mean? …

“The machine…”



“Say somethin’, your old man is waitin’ for an answer.”

“Look… I can’t do this the way you want me to. I can’t just ask him to come live here and get down with it.”

“And become part of our family?”

“Yeah dad, whatever that means.”

Whatever that means? What do you mean with that?”

“You went soft on him; didn’t ya? Maxy.”

“D… I think you need to tighten the screws on this one. Shit ain’t funny anymore.”

“Is that so?”

“Dad! I’m working on it.

“If you want me to do the job I’m gonna do it right.

“I’d appreciate if you two get off my back.

“And stop listening to this dumb mug.”

“The hell I’m gonna let your son treat me like this…”

“Coward, you can’t even face Jensen with a straight face.”

“The fuck if I can’t…

“you want some of this?”

“C’mon… what you got?”

“Sit down. Both of you.

“Stop acting like little bitches.”

“The facts remain:

“We need Jensen. We don’t have Jensen.

“Where could he be if he isn’t at his aunties?”

“Bet you anythin’ he is keeping him from us?”

“I’m not! Dad…”

“Brutto stronzo.”

“Damn you both!”


“I’m not gonna allow this shit in my house. You better end this shit you two have goin’ on.”

“Dad! He just text me. Jensen’s here!”


“Hi. I’m looking for Max; I’m Jensen, his friend from school.”

“Oh! Max’s friend, yeah sure. I’ll open the doors, just come in.”

“Thank you.”

“Max!!!! Your friend’s here!”

“Maxwell!! Your friend’s here!!”





“Bruh… you’re really here aren’t you?”

“So you are THE Jensen? I’m Jourdan, Max’s sister.”



“Yeah I don’t tell my friends ’bout you, so…”

“Max’s sister…”

“Yeeaaah… my big sis.”

“Are you okay?

“Max, he doesn’t look okay.”

“Bruh, you okay man? You seem a little out of it.”

“I think – I…”

“Max I think your friend’s love struck.”

“With whom?”

“You probably scared him with your ugly face… Jensen! Man!! Snap out of it.”

“Oh God. I think I’m gonna be sick.”

“I think he really is not okay.”

“No shit. Jensen, the bathroom’s this way.”

“I think I have completely lost it.”

Chapter 6 releases in June


In this chapter I’m using the Corner Cottage by talented creator Devon Bumpkin; it is the house Maria lives in. Please click HERE for more information on this lot.

I’m also using Soliada which you can download from the top menu under DOWNLOAD – SIMS 4 – LOTS

None of these poses were created by me. All the poses I have used for this chapter are by creators listed under the CC FINDS – SIMS 4 – CUSTOM CONTENT listed under POSES on the top menu

All CC used are created by other simmers and all are listed under the CC FINDS – SIMS 4 – CUSTOM CONTENT listed under the respective category. You can also find specific credit given to the content creators for those CC used to create Soliada listed on the Soliada post.

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