Journal Entry 1.8 J.T. It’s a Small World

August 15, 2021

It’s been forever!

To my credit, I have been busy with my art.

Actually, I have big news: The exhibition is happening! I’m so excited.

Jade – “An exhibition at the Windenburg Museum? Is this a joke?”
Jade’s Agent – “They are having a show with 5 up-coming artists, you included.”

I know, I have not talk much about my art and been busy instead talking about personal problems.

Jade – “So you mean to say I only have to show up there with 3 to 5 paintings and that’s it? I’m in?”
Jade’s Agent – “I would prefer you bring 5 paintings. The more, the better.”

But hey! Aren’t you my friend, my one and only true friend that is bound to listen to me talk about my drama?

Jade – “Amazing.”

Michael has been very supportive of my art. He says I’m going to become the next Frida.

I hope not.

Jade’s Agent – “The Museum director himself named you. I was as shocked as you.”

So today I went to speak to my agent. Yes!! I have an agent now, she will be handling my events.

Jade – “Oh that makes me feel so much better. Thank you.”

My first exhibition will take place next month. A lot of people will be there. I have been told the place gets packed no matter what.

Person we have never met – “The owner was adamant that you Ms. Thornheart were including in the list of artists. Yes. He. WAS.”

Imagine that? I can’t. But I also can’t wait for it to happen. I’m excited for this new chapter of my life.

Here I come Lucile!!!

Oldest celebrity in town – “This coffee shop is every time more and more sad without my Matt.”
Asian dude – “I know a happier place… maybe…”
Oldest celebrity in town – “Meet you outside in 2.”


The exhibition was a huge success.

I sold all my paintings.

My manager already is talking about another exhibit in downtown San Myshuno. Everyone is so happy for me.

Except, Michael never showed to the show.

Michael – “Hey!! Cindy right?”
Michael – “Are coming to see Jade? I’m headed there myself.”

He gave me a halfassed excuse as to why, and I pretended to believe it. Truth is, we have been growing apart since this whole thing with the exhibit started.

Sexy Asian Lady – “Ugh. The painter must have had diarrhea when he thought of THAT.”

He is supportive of my art, but at the same time I feel as though it has been keeping us from being together.

Jade – “Hey guys, after this wanna go grab some coffee?”

NO. I always do this.

Muscled woman – “Shut up Jade, we are having a moment here.”
Man in the mustard sweater who looks like the guy who is obsessed with Matt whose name we have never learned“Oh yes! A moment. Such a moment I cannot believe would ever come. Me, attracted to the opposite sex… scandalous.”

I always blame myself for something I have no control over.

On top of it all, I have not tell you perhaps the biggest surprise.

Jade – “Hello Matthew. Never expected to find you here. YOU of all people.”
Matthew – “I can say the same about you.”

I saw Matthew.

He was at the exhibit.

Matthew – “Wait, wait, wait. That came out wrong.”

He said he came to see me, to celebrate my success.

Matthew – “You look great. Life has been sweet I hope?
Jade – “It’s been good. Yes.”

I couldn’t believe it.

Jade – “I don’t know what to say. But I can’t really talk… I have to meet the patrons.”
Michael – “Understood. Hey! … You look beautiful.”

When I wanted nothing else but Matthew to be with me, he was not. And now, he shows up and he is the least person I wanted to see.

Jade – “Yes. You have said that before.”

Love is so complicated. Why?

Matthew looked so handsome. I feel so sad for us. There are many question I want to ask him. I just don’t think I have the time to care.

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