Journal Entry 1.7 J.T. Blooming Perfection

MAY 2, 2021

Oldest celebrity in town – ” WAIT! Don’t shoot, I have to fix my wig first…”
Young man with the green jean jacket – “‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.'”*
Kid looking like Harry Potter – “Cool, this place has a story time secession?”
Man in the yellow sweater who looks like the guy who is obsessed with Matt whose name we have never learned – “Ugh. They better not be taking pictures of that old hag without me. Uh, the nerve of these people…”
Man in the yellow sweater who looks like the guy who is obsessed with Matt whose name we have never learned – “Wait just a minute Darlings, you need me in the scene if you want to spice things up! You absolutely do…”

These past week has been crazy!

Hello, my dear pages of this journal,

I have been so engulfed in life that I almost forgot I have a commitment to log it all down on these pages.

Michael – “Come on! Do you really wan to do this?”
Jade – “Yeah… can’t we?”

Your pages.

Michael – “Get your cute butt in that bush. Stop teasing me…”

My journal.

I might not want to do it every night, but I still must log with more regularity… I hope to do just that in future.

Michael and I are dating.

I know I said I was not going to be coming here again, and talk about another man, but Michael is not any other man…

Michael – “I love you.”

He is my boyfriend.

Jade – “I love you too.”

I have a boyfriend.

My first boyfriend.

P.S. I’m not a virgin anymore. Details will… probably never come. I don’t want to make this R rated. Forgive me. My children will be reading this at one time or the other. Wouldn’t want them to be grossed out at the thought of their mother in…. okay, okay. I think you get the idea.

MAY 5, 2021

Last night I had a nightmare.

Jade – “Mike… “
Michael – “Yes?”
Jade – “…”

I dreamed I was never going to reach my goal of defeating wicked Lucile. Evil witch. Literally.

JUNE 3, 2021


Michael and I vacationed at a beach resort. Can’t say I have never been to the beach before as I was born right by the sea, but it was still a new experience.

The resort was amazing, there were so many people staying there, and everyone seemed so happy.

I can’t believe this is the type of stuff I’m writing in here.

I should be telling you about my progress in my plan to avenge my father’s name. MY family name. The Thornhearts. Instead, I’m acting like a high school girl… no, more like an simstagram model.

Michael – “Want to go for breakfast before we back to the room?”
Jade – “Nah. I’ll rather just order room service.”
Jade – “Stop it, stop it Mike. Don’t tickle me.”
Michael – “Comere you stinky animal.”

Guess love those that to you. Yes, dear pages of this journal, you heard right… I am in love.

JUNE 11, 2021

Hello my journal, dear pages of my life!

Life has been well; love; career; the works! I have been working on a series of paintings for a possible show. In the future. It’s all just talks at the moment.

Young man with matching yellow suit and glasses – “Didn’t a male barista used to work here? He had a dark complexion and striking eyes.”

Mike said he would help me paint the house, I’m so excited to do that. He is the perfect gentleman. I could not ask for a better, boyfriend.

Jade – “Oh my Lord!”
guy who is obsessed with Matt whose name we have never learned“He is not a part of our lives anymore stop asking about him. We don’t care.”

Sure, things with him always seem perfect, and too perfect is almost not real.

Jade – “Why do people keep looking for him?”
guy who is obsessed with Matt whose name we have never learned“It’s OUTRAGEOUS!”

He is also always smiling, as if life had no disagreements; as if there were no flaws in our making; no imperfections in our society; no limitations… not even the sky.

new barista at the coffee shop – โ€œI got my job because he left. I say Good riddance!โ€

There is something about that, something unfamiliar; like it doesn’t fit the narrative; life’s truth;

guy who is obsessed with Matt whose name we have never learned“Say, why are you looking for Matt?”

We are not whole.

“You are the fairest of them all” *


Because I’m not trying to steal Snow White’s infamous mantra of the evil stepmother queen.

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