Journal Entry 1.6 J.T. M is for Mad World.

April 13, 2021

If I were to come and write on these pages every night, I would not have an interesting story to tell you dear journal.

As it is, my life right now is pretty static.

I will, though, try to conform to my own rules and not speak of him. In fact, life here in Windenburg has become more and more pleasing.

Guy obsessed with Matt who’s name we still don’t know – “Breatheeeeeee…
“Om Shanti

Everyone has gone about their lives,

and no one ever mentions him anymore.

woman in pink jacket… with bow – “Hi Jade. Have you been doing okay? We heard what happened.”
woman in pink jacket… with zipper – “Yeah, Matt was always like that… very unpredictable.”

That is a plus.

At least for me, because I don’t have to deal with how my heart was left shattered in peaces like broken glass.

Okay… enough Jade! Let’s carry on with reality.

new barista at the coffee shop –I got my job because he left. I say Good riddance!”

I now have a house.

I know!! It’s exciting. The flowers haven’t bloom yet, whoever understand weather in Windenburg please explain because I don’t… whoever reads this diary. In the future. Hi!

April 16, 2021

Today at the gym I made a new friend.

Hot guy at the gym – “Excuse me, could you help me please?

Yes he is a male.

“I left my cellphone inside the lady’s locker room and as you can see I’m not allowed in there. Would you please retrieve it for me?”
Jade – “Really? And how did it get in there in the first place?”

And yes, he is haaawt. But we are just friends.

Hot guy at the gym who is just friends – “You caught me. I’m sorry, I was just trying to make conversation and had no idea what to say. Hi, my name is Mike.”

He said he had lost his cellphone, but he really just wanted to talk to me for some reason. Why couldn’t he just say hi from the start? Men are too dramatic.

His name is Michael… why? Isn’t there another letter in the alphabet where I am concerned?

Guy obsessed with Matt who’s name at this rate we will never know – “Push harder. Like you just ate an entire pig, and your nostrils are wider than bathroom pipes.
“Like your intestines are scrambled and your brain is just about to fart.”
Cute guy at the gym with bandanna… clearly – “You are so disgusting. I can’t do this anymore.”
Guy obsessed with Matt who’s name at this rate we will never know“Oh honey, but you don’t have to get THAT mad.”

April 18, 2021

Michael has been coming to the gym regularly.

Guy with a llama on his sports jacket – “Hey gorgeous, what are you doing after?”
Jade – “I uh… well …”

Okay so have I. So what? Shoot me.

Michael – ” Isn’t she? Gorgeous I mean. She is. She is beautiful.
“Unfortunately for you, she’s got plans with me. Fortunately.”

We are still just friends. And that is okay with me. I like flirting with him.

Jade – “That was sweet Mike, but I don’t need your help with men.”
Mike – “You are welcome!”

Oh! I almost forgot. Can you believe I became friends with the oldest celebrity in town?

Oldest Celebrity in town – ” Honey, how are you doing these days?”
Jade – “Oh, I’m doing alright. How are you doing?

I have no idea what made her think I was interested?

Oldest Celebrity in town – “Frankly this town has never been the same since Matt left, and neither have I.”

April 19, 2021

Dear pages of this journal,

I have no words for what transpired tonight. But I have to say, I either don’t get myself or I’m a liar.

Mike – “Are you having fun? You seem a bit bored.”
Jade – “Oh yes, yes, I’m terribly bored and I just wish I could get out of this hell you brought me to.”

Okay, so Michael and I went to the new club in town. It’s the place everyone has been talking about.

Jade – “Mike please, this place is amazing. I love it. I’m having a great time. You know that.”

We were having a good time, dancing, laughing, taking pictures… flirting.

Then I saw Cindy.

Blonde man overly excited – “Do you know this girl? Because she has been stalking me for an hour now.”

Yes. THE Cindy.

Cindy – “So, Jade, what’s happening? I haven’t seen you in like forever. Have you heard about Matt?”
I’m just gonna act like I have no idea who she is – Jade’s thoughts

I couldnt help ignoring her.

bitch I know what you did, stop acting like you don’t knowCindy’s thoughts

WHAT? She deserves it.

I was really afraid that Michael would like her. That everything will repeat.

Mike – “So is this Cindy, the one you have told me about?”
Jade – “How do you know?”
“Mike – “You said she looked like a malnourished unicorn.”

Cindy – “Jade introduce me to your friend. He is hot.”

It seems Cindy is the kind of girl everyone likes. Except for me.

Jade – “waaaahhhhh, honky tonk, doodle that… I think I saw a fly.”
Mike – “What the…..?”
Mike – “Jade, what happened? You think I’m going to take off with Cindy like your friend did?”

Michael picked up on my jealousy – so he said. As if.

Mike – “You are acting ridiculous. I’m taking off.”

He got upset. Something about me comparing him to another man. Is there really such a thing? Or men are just dramatic?

Jade – “So, take off.”
Mike – “I really can’t believe this. Already having our first fight.”

He said he was living. So I said bye.

Jade – “See if I care. No one can stop me now… whoohoo

But he stood there.

Mike – “JADE.”

Looking at me with a blank face.

Jade – “Weren’t you leaving? Or are you waiting for the part in which I care?”

Then… the most incredible thing happened.

I have no idea what came over me; him; us. It was NUTS.

But we kissed.

Like crazy.

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