Journal Entry 1.2 J.T. A Barista Named Matt.

Feb 19, 2020

Feb 6. Jade – “Hello I have a question about one of your staff…”

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything in these pages; I have to say I have been busy.

Feb 7. Jade – “Hi I was here yesterday… humm, is the other barista coming today?”

Not busy finding a job which I probably should be doing… who am I kidding? I HAVE TO BE DOING THAT! Just THAT!

Girl with glasses – “Oh you mean Matt? He is off today.”

But I’ll rather be after a stranger who’s eyes I can’t get out of my head. So that is what I have been doing:

Jade – “Oh. Thank you. That was nice of you to respond.”

Stalking the barista. 

Feb 9. Jade – “Hi is Matt working today?”
Woman with dyed red hair – “Get in line sweetheart. We are all here to see lover boy.”
Woman with dyed brown hair – “That’s right. Take a number.”
Man with natural black hair – “Matt is the love of my life.”
Boy with hair we cannot define – “Being served coffee by Matt is all I want in life.”

Boarding” hasn’t been easy.

Jade – “Quickly eat it… before she notices I stole it.”

I guess with all the stalking I have neglected the most important thing right now which is finding a place to sleep indefinitely.

Feb 6.

Instead, I have been dropping like a fly anywhere I go… it’s embarrassing to say the least. 

Feb 9.

I’m my worst enemy.

Feb 12.

Feb 21, 2020

I have wonderful news. I finally met him. I have talked to him.

I have smelled his hair.

I have lost myself in those eyes…

okay, I’ll stop with the creepiness. 

The last time I wrote anything here I was not very positive about life… in general.

Yesterday I went to look for him one last time. I said to myself: “hey, if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be and we will move on!!” And so it was meant to be. 

I went to a coffee place downtown and found him there, not that I was looking for him at that exact moment. Honestly, I was just trying to steal some coffee cakes from patrons.

Barista with striking eyes whom apparently goes by the name of Matt – “Hi there, glad to see you here.”
Jade – “hahaha…uh…yeah…hahaha…I…”

He spoke to me first. Frankly, he surprised me because I was not expecting to find him there. Much less for him to notice and speak to me. Why do I doubt myself so much? 

Barista with the striking eyes whom we’ll call Matt – “Saved.”

We exchanged numbers. 

Matt – “Jade is a nice name. I’m Matthew, but most call me Matt.”

He said he would come visit me. 

I can’t wait! 


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