Journal Entry 1.1 J.T. A Strange Town – A Beautiful Stranger.

Feb 3, 2020


I still don’t know what to think of this town. Amazing? That’s one word that comes to mind. Cold is another more realistic one at present. 

Father left me this huge lot. It’s very big… it has this hill from where I can see most of the town. It looks amazing covered in snow.

That’s basically what it is… just a big empty space full of snow.

Jade – “Maybe if I wait casually by the door, someone will open it and I can sneak in?”

It’s not all so bad. The neighbors are very welcoming. Sometimes.

Random woman – “Oh dear! Are you waiting for Emilio? Is he Home?”
Jade – “Oh, I’m just taking some air out here. It can get stuffy inside.”
Jade – “Yazz, now is my chance… don’t mind if I sneak in…”
Jade – “This was easier than explaining the cat sweater to that hot guy at the gym.”
psychologist – “Emilio, you have to get over your fear of pooping in public. It’s a very normal thing to do. “
Jade – “No it’s not… Pft, she is crazier than a spitting llama.”
Jade – “I guess I better sneak into the bedroom and sleep while he is being told about poops in public toilets and spitting llamas… that are crazy. “
Owner of the house (I guess) – “Hey! you aren’t supposed to be in here. Did Emilio let you in?”
Jade – “Uh, actually…”
Owner of the house – “Get out before I call the cops.”
Owner of the house – “Emilio let another homeless in again. Crap.”

There is also a coffee shop downtown which is the place to go for free food. They get very busy and only have one person serving the counter.

People come and go and don’t mind you. That is nice. But it would be nice too to meet new people.

Jade – “Yumm! That poop tart looks amazing.”

I guess father was right. In today’s world, people are like mindless robots. Not that I have ever known another world… 

Feb 10, 2020

Yesterday was a tough day. There was a snow storm and it was hard to find food and shelter. Thank God there is a GYM opened 24 hours.

I took a shower – much needed – found some clothes “forgotten” in a closet; 

had some snacks from the fridge sitting in the cafeteria overlooking the city, it was peaceful. 

and I even got to sleep for a bit by the water… well, technically it’s just a pool but who cares. One can dream! 

Random woman from before – “I guess she got kicked out of Emilio’s. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.”

At the coffee place today the atmosphere was different. There were more people than usual.

All very young people as well, all chatting and being joyful.

I thought I was going to puke. You have to understand, I am not a hater of society. But society hates people like me. 


I caught a glimpse of his eyes

The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my years of existence... Okay, that’s not much to say.

How it happened, like in movies;

I could only see part of his face from where I was sitting,

Then he moved, but a man blocked my view,

Okay…so the man moved away, and there he was, this barista… 

He turned to look at me and smiled. 

Before I knew it he was gone. Just like that.

I’m going back to the coffee shop tomorrow. I have to find him again. I don’t know why I feel this connection to this stranger, but I have to find out. 


For now I’ll just enjoy my new shelter of choice:

The Park in Willow Creek.

The cold winter has never been so warm before. 

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