Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan for SIMS 4

Hello friends!

When I was playing Sims 3 I started a challenge titled: 6 Degrees of Separation, which consisted of writing six stories that would all linked by a character of the previous story, but that character could only make an appearance to link the story.

As per usual, I took that challenge and made of it what I wished. I do not follow rules well when it comes to playing Sims. I also did not finish the story while playing Sims 3. But no surprises there.

Either way, I am here today to share with you the characters of that story and what they look like in Sims 4. Yes, I will be continuing the story, and if you have not read one single chapter, you can do so under Challenges/Stories – SIMS 3 – 6 Degrees of Separation, or you can click the link ;P

Main Characters

Click here to see Sims 3 Jensen

Click here to see Sims 3 Jourdan Dunn


Supporting Characters

Click here to see Sims 3 Maxwell Dunn

Click here to see Sims 3 Patrica and Thomas MiltonClick here to see Sims 3 Maria and Irish DeLuna Click here to see Sims 3 Tres Amigos – Elia Wolf; Erika Lee; Claudia Moreno


New Characters Showcase 

Juliano Esposito and Eva Jones did make an appearance in the story; Juliano in chapter 2 and Eva in chapter 3 but I had not thought of them as important until I started developing the story while publishing the chapters. Also, Demetrius Malik Dunn will make his first appearance in the upcoming chapters and he is very important to the story. 

Click here to see Sims 3 Juliano (Julian) Esposito 

Click here to see Sims 3 Eva


I hope you guys enjoyed comparing the look of the characters, I sure did enjoy making them. Sims 4 does make your sims look a LOT more realistic and also the CC is very detailed. I’m having fun getting my sims ready for the story. 

My plan is to finish this story with Sims 4 no matter what happens (with Sims 5 looming in the air) but I know I have said this before when I was playing Sims 3. I guess the desire is honest, it does come from a deep part of me that truly wishes to deliver the best of the best for you guys, but I also know that I might not accomplish what I have planned. Fingers crossed!! 

Don’t go far, the 5th chapter will be coming soon! 

Until then… stay simming. Thank you all for reading, 

❤ Becca 

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