Thornheart Legacy – A SIMS 4 Legacy Challenge

Hello simmers!

I bring you the introduction to my new Legacy.

If you read my previous post on this legacy you might be asking yourselves: “But Becca? we already had an intro!” What is most likely happening is that you are just not even interested.

Okay, done with the melodrama.

I wrote a back story to this legacy (mini backstory, nothing grand really) and merged it with Randominovs a bit just for good fun. If you have been following since Randominovs then youll find it humorous. If not… hope you still find it humorous.

Alright! On with it… yes.

Our legacy starts; Once Upon a Time…

When a humble Sim named Jade Thornheart found herself,

with an empty lot in the town of Winderberk… er, Windenburg. Right.

in the middle of nowhere….

“I’ve ZERO simolions left. And for this?”

$0 SIMOLIONS?!! wait what? This is supposed to be a jolly story of how love and tradition came together to build the most memorable family in sims World.

… not one filled with desperation,


or grieve.

Our founder here,

Jade Thornheart, was not always a sim without a penny to her name. She had a family that loved her – a devoted father who did everything in his power to raise her and give her all the commodities in the world.

They lived in the most beautiful beach house, where she had spent hours looking out her window, dreaming of a world far, far beyond the sea.

The way is told, Jade Thornheart – but we can just call her Jade for the sake of convenience – was the daughter of a celebrated Doctor in Roaring Heights in the amazing and forgotten world of The Sims 3 (hey! I’m just telling the story). He was well respected among the townies; his name was…

Oleg Randominov.

That is, his original name. Later he would change it to Victor Thornheart.

For reasons…

You see, Oleg Randominov was a very merry fellow, married to Celeste Randominov a woman that was described by many as being of good character.

Oleg: “Honey, honey, me and you.”

Oleg: “Yeah, yeah… do a little dance… make a little love… ”

Together they were the happiest of families, with little Jade to bless their hearts. Until, a very unfortunate event happened: Celeste was of delicate health all her life, and not long after having Jade she passed away of a bad heart.

Oleg was devastated… we think.

Until he met Lucile Whitaker. They were married very, very, VERY quickly. And it was not a shotgun wedding. Word has it, Lucile was into the occult. She was a Witch, but not a good witch. The Randominovs…

they hated her. Having had their share of misfortunes with witches before… well, lets see;

there was the incident of Rocco Randominov, Jade’s grandfather.

He was in-love with a woman named Yuna Tanner. She was also a witch. She also broke his heart.

But it was his brother actually,

Antone: “Comere you and let’s get married.”

Yuna: “Oh yes, this is going to break your brother’s heart.”

Antone Randominov who broke Rocco’s trust and heart when he eloped with his fiance, Yuna. Nevertheless… we are deviating way far from the story.

Lucile Whitaker. A very bad woman indeed! A Witch!

Years passed, and Jade was of age 10. Her father, Oleg, had grown distracted and haggard. He no longer seemed to care for his daughter, at least not in the same manner he once did. That summer he let go of life and sunk into the… well, God knows!

He passed away leaving little Jade alone and unprotected. Leaving her orphaned. And orphans live in orphanages.

Where Lucile sent Jade immediately after her father’s death. Where Jade lived until she reached adulthood. And, on the winter of her twenty first birthday she packed everything she had and left.

Well… just a cat sweater and leggings…

and shoes. Of course.

Jade left the orphanage and never looked back.

what a terrible idea if I’m being honest. But we wouldn’t have a story otherwise… I think.

Jade: “Okay let’s get the show over with. Right?”

So here we are,

with a lot of land,


and… no money. No family. No life.

Welcome to the Legacy:

The Thornhearts

This introduction to this new Legacy was inspired by memories of my Sims 3 Legacy The Randominovs. If you don’t already know this legacy and you don’t mind reading Sims 3 game play, you can find it under Challenges/Stories – Sims 3 – The Random Challenge or you can just click the link ;P

Thank you all,

and until we meet again, stay simming.

โค Becca


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