Sims 4 Legacy CHALLENGE – Rules & Founder

Hi there!

Today I’m here to talk about the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, why I chose to play this challenge, and the sim I will be using… etc.

I’m sure most simmers already know about the Sims Legacy Challenge, and how it’s always incorporated to whichever sims game is current, yaddy, yadda. But in case you are like how I used to be when I was first playing Sims 2 and 3 (I had no idea what MODS; CC; or Sim challenges were) Here are the rules <—- click there.

I mean, who am I kidding? They even have their own website and it’s been going on since Sims 2 I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, I love to think that there is someone out there like my old self… totally oblivious to the dark side of The Sims: basically everything that is not base game or comes in a game/stuff pack.

The Legacy Challenge is one of the easiest challenges and the one that allows you more freedom with your game play. That is, if you are into family and generations. Of course!

Jade – “What the crap is in my drink?”
Mathew – “..”

You can basically do pretty much anything you want except for take advantage of any money that is not earned to better your wealth status. I loved playing The Random Legacy Challenge for Sims 3, but I thought: “new game… new beginnings… new drama” And this challenge has brought some drama… oh yes it has!

The sims I will be I’m already playing this challenge with is/was/never was, my sim self. Let me explain… I have tried to create my sim self in the Sims 4 way too many times. I am kinda pleased with the current results, but let’s face it, I am nowhere near that pretty…

Meet Jade Thornhearts,

Shit I cut off her feet.
Okay let’s just do a close-up.

SIMS, AH! They will always be the best versions of ourselves.

Jade’s aspiration is: Successful Lineage and it came with the Domestic trait. She is also Creative; Neat; and Cheerful.

Quick note: So Jade was the second version of my sim self; although she is gorgeous, she is not ME. She is more like an Angelina Jolie type. I really didn’t want to discard her… poor soul.

That’s how it was decided she would be my Legacy founder. Mathew can’t get enough of her frankly. What would become of him without Jade?

Although I love patriarchy legacies, she started it, so now my legacy is Strict Equality which means I have to pick a different gender every generation. And I really do like that idea the more I think of it.

For the Bloodline Law I chose Strict Traditional.

I want to see my sims family grow, and I want them all to look alike. It would be so cool to have some fourth cousin look like the founder just because they came from the same bloodline. That’s amazing, and it has always been one of the things that fascinates me about The Sims.

Heir Law I chose First Born.

The first born of whatever gender I have to use for that particular generation. This is not only traditional (Im a very traditional gal) but the main reason to pick this is to make the challenge a lot harder. Imagine you have to have a male heir and you have 5 kids and all are girls… yikes. You might have to call your challenge The 100 Baby Challenge instead.

Species Law I chose Tolerant,

only because Xenophobic is a very scary word. I mean couldn’t they just pick “traditional” or “strictly human” to describe the law that allows you (or limits you) to only have heirs from the same specie as the founder?

Seriously though… I don’t want to have aliens as heirs, does that make me xenophobic? They really shouldn’t have used that word.

Tolerant in the other hand kinda wraps up two laws in one for me because it tells you the specie of the sim has no impact on their eligibility for heir and that means if I only have human sims it doesn’t matter! Hooray.

Now, into extremely muddy puddles (definitely not watching Peppa Pig with my son):

  • Rules are you can’t use MODS that will make you richer. Got it.
  • You can’t restart after a bad event… well… if your sim dies, how would you not restart the game? So you lose that challenge, so what? You restart a new one. I mean… I did that!
  • You can’t move any other sims into the family unless is the victim that will help you generate heirs. That is understandable, I even bring them with ZERO kaching. I also have non-heir sims move out because then I get to build a new house and populate the worlds with my offspring…. MUAWHAHAHAHAHA. WORLD DOMINATION. Okay, done with that now.
  • The family has to remain on the same lot. I don’t know how I feel about that! But moving on…
  • Lifespams must be set to normal. I kinda had their lifespams on medium setting because I wanted to enjoy playing them but they were never aging! I mean… NEVER. So I gave in to the “normal” setting.

Okay, okay, okay, so this one is so exciting to me because without knowing it I was not cheating. So, apparently you may not bring a sim back from the dead, but only through pleading with the reaper. I did that. I thought I was cheating. I was not.

To finalize this monstrosity of a post.

I started in winter; although it seemed like it would be pretty hard the first few days (in sims time) I quickly got enough money to buy an easel and paint, and made tons of money like that.

I mean.. it was… easy.

There are more rules to follow but really not something worth mentioning in my opinion.

I will soon be posting an intro to this legacy and, I am thinking of doing a story that kinda takes off from the intro of the legacy because I just felt really inspired, but I’m not promising anything because as you might know from previous years I don’t know how to keep up with myself!

There, its said. Over with.

Also, the updates will come in the form of journal entries of sorts. I thought it would keep things fresh and is just a different way of sharing the game.

Well, mis amigos, I hope to see you all here – er, or more like read you all – soon!!

… Okay now I look like The Joker! O.O

Jade – “Blah, blah, blah… blah, blah, blah…
Mathew – “Jade, I kinda need to tell you something”
Mathew – “You smell like birds”

Until next time! Stay simming….

โค Becca

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