The Randominov Legacy 2.1


Hello simmers, and well… hellooooooooooo SUMMER!!! Fall. You see, this post was already written in the summer of 2015 and was supposed to make it’s debut then, but life decided it had other plans. What can I do? Aside from sticking my head in a hole…. okay, moving on.

This will be the start of a beautiful generation -and of my updates to this post, since it was written ages ago, ya know. Full of sun, water, surf, and… bore. Yep that’s right, not because I want to continue to think the start of my generations are boring but they kinda are. And this one being the second generation of the Randominovs, led by the one and only Rocco; he was never a very entertaining creature to begin with. His brother was more fun, in my opinion. I do understand he was a bit dark… anyway, time to continue with this travesty of a post.

Here is the generation roll, once more shared with you. Mainly to refresh my our memories! The scratched ones have already been met. Yep, from the gecko. <– that is true. No need to update this one.

  • Family Structure: Couple
  • Number of Children: 3
  • Primary Income: Movies (Film)
  • Secondary Income: Part Time Job.
  • Generation Goal: Change of Scenery
  • Miscellaneous Fun: It’s so YOU.

Very interesting. Meh

Now, let us continue with our usual:

  • Objectives of this random update: to make you laugh with randomness, although not always achieved.  The gamer is expected to play randomly while trying to achieve the set goals, and hope readers find it funny or at least “interesting” enough to read at random moments. And if by any chance you think there is not enough randomness here, then it is advice you re-read this paragraph from the start.
  • Obstacles of this random update: Will I ever be able to entertain with Rocco as I did with Ivan? …  I think I need to go smash some pumpkins now.
    Also, finding love in a new place. YIKES! :O

(for sake of understanding things better, characters on this challenge will have a red colored text)

1Welcome back to a new season, new world, and new generation of Randominovs. To start, I moved the family to a tropical Island Paradise… well, I tried to put them on Sunny Isles, but later… blah blah blah.

Screenshot-42So Boris Ivan sets off to do what he does best.

Ivan: “Werewolves stink!!!”

Great Ivan, I don’t think anyone cares here.

Screenshot-48And in other news, Rocco wants to propose to his witchy girlfriend Yuna, but first he decided to get a job. You know, do things right. So I took him to the film thingy that doesn’t look like a film studio at all.

Screenshot-50Yep. This is pretty witchy Yuna for those who do not remember her.

Witchy Yuna: Who wouldn’t remember me? I’m beautiful.

And by the sound of it also very arrogant. 

Moving on,

Screenshot-51“Comere you hot thing.”

What? Yuna what are you doing? That’s your brother in-law… or possible brother in-law, but at this point will never be your brother in-law… NEVER MIND THAT!!! WTH??

Oh, brother.

Screenshot-52 “Grrrrrr. YOU comere. Sexy!”


Screenshot-53Yikes! Apparently it wasn’t enough for Antone to try and still Puzzle from Rocco, but now he wants Yuna too.

This is about to get ugly.

Screenshot-54*Okay, shhh guys here comes Rocco. Let’s pretend nothing is going on.*

Hello sweetheart how was your day?

Screenshot-55What the hell is wrong with you? And where is everyone?

That, well… you know…

Screenshot-56What is it? Are they hiding to surprise me? Where is Yuna? I want to tell her the good news and propose.


*When someone tells you they are going to propose to their cheating girlfriend.*

Screenshot-57Spill it!!

OKAY OKAY OKAY. FREEZE. Well, not really since none of this is moving but… you get my point.

At the end I decided to play with no additional worlds, so I moved them (again) to Island Paradise and although the relationships were not damaged by the move, I could not captured any good pictures of the drama that never went down. So… maybe this will make sense of what happened:

Title: An Orange Betreyal

Starting: Rocco Randominov as Orange, Antone Randominov as Banana, and Yuna Tanner as slutty Orange.


picture from

ScreenshotOnce in Island Paradise I was very glad to see the cheaters leave. Apparently Rocco decided to be the better person and let Yuna go where she wanted to be. With Antone. Not that she was going to stay, in any case.


Screenshot-2As they should. You know, one thing is to cheat on your girlfriend; Goddess divine knows I’m guilty of a thing or two, but I never touched the family. That’s sacred.

Do you have brothers?


Male cousins; uncles; a father?

No. No. And no. 

So there is no way for us to know if you would have ever “touched the family” as you put it, is there?


Okay. I was just asking.

Screenshot-4Things got pretty normal pretty quickly. And if I use the word pretty again…

Rocco practicing his guitar skills.

Screenshot-5Ivan reading the newspaper. WAIT! Ivan reading the newspaper?

Relax, I’m just registering as a painter.

I guess now that you’re out of the hook you want to fulfill your dream of being a, what did you call it? “a sexy painter from France” BAH!

Screenshot-7Woman with ridiculous big shades: “Hey! Aren’t you that sexy painter from France everyone is talking about?”

*Face palm. Double face palm.*

Screenshot-8“Ivan Randominov at your service.”

Screenshot-9“Did you know I assisted in the painting process of The Mona Lisa?”

*Please, excuse me while I go laugh out loud. In private.*

So later, after Ivan was done clowning around making up some stuff about Mona Lisa or other… *Please, excuse me while I go laugh out loud. In private. Again.* Okay continuing,

Screenshot-13I found him clowning around some more, but this time he was showing new sides of him I had not known before. Interesting. Very interesting.

Screenshot-14I think you forgot the part where this generation is not about me, but Rocco.

Wow very impressive. You are capable of caring for others.

Screenshot-15Right. Rocco. He so boring.

I had them both take a picture together for memories. Just like old times. Father and son.

Screenshot-16Together at last… Right. This clearly shows where we stand at the moment. Relationship wise.

I guess after the Puzzle incident the relationship hasn’t been recovered.


ScreenshotAll they did was be silly but in a not-so-funny-I’m-losing-it way. Which in turn makes edgy in a very I’m-losing-it way!

Screenshot-3They also made idiotic faces, well mainly Ivan made idiotic faces. No wonder everyone switched to Sims 4.

Screenshot-14 (2)And again. Like father,

Screenshot-15 (2)Like son.

Screenshot-17But much later this lady came to the house. She seemed very mysterious, very intriguing… and I just basically said the same thing. Didn’t I?

Screenshot-18Mysterious/intriguing woman: “Hello my name is…”

And this is the end of this chapter. I know!! Soooooo boring and not informative at all. Never mind Yuna cheated on Rocco with… his BROTHER! And that Ivan continues to be a sad case.

But if you think we won’t have any action this generation, you are mistaken. Here, a couple of pictures to pick your interest:

Screenshot-19Ivan remembers his suave old ways,


And Rocco meets a woman from The Matrix.

Thank you all for reading!! I’m off to hit my head on the wall now… or smash some pumpkins… Ooh The Smashing Pumpkins. One of my favorite bands back in high school.

Screenshot-10“Is everyone gone?”

Screenshot-11“Did they leave?”

Screenshot-12“Great, now I can go watch The Bachelor without hiding.”



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