Sharing Hanazawa Family Part 4

Another update on my Hanazawa family. I love them so much, they keep me sane for most of the time that I spent on The Sims.

3A shot of the house during winter season because living in a tropical weather I can’t never experience that!

4Since I’m skipping a lot of stuff, just showing what’s important or funny, we start right off in the middle of the bachelor’s party.

Ryu is excited!


7I have never done this before in the game so I didn’t know they had “dancers” coming to these things. But hey, no one is complaining here!! Haha.

8These dancers aren’t bad at all. I’m really impress with this game and I have been playing it for ages.

9Ryu hooking up with one of the dancers was not my intention, I just kinda let him do what he wanted since it was his last night in freedom and all… but… hmmm…

10Okay this is something that has me rolling on the floor every time I see it. What the hell??

11I better not try to find out what’s going on here…

12Ahh, like a true mother I am proud to show my sims accomplishments. Soon there won’t be space in the wall. If I were to do with my career life exactly what I expect my sims to do with theirs, perhaps I wouldn’t be typing this right now… eh.

13I did a nicer wedding lot but lost it because I didn’t save it in the library… silly me. So they’ll have to do with this lot right now.

14Not that bad!

16Not sure what’s happening in this picture, I never found werewolves to be as funny as the zombies.

17But Ryu seems to be a busy boy. Every time I try to find him he is with a different lady… what the hell??

18And here comes the bride…

19Nice weather, the beach, the sun… what else can you ask for?

20Because we women are never satisfied!

22Not married yet and already getting bored of each other… bah!

24Aww, I always love these moments.

25I think I should have pointed out how this is not for children at the beginning of this post… oh well.

27“I will forever love the way you think no one sees you behind small bushes in the middle of a road.”

28“And I will forever love the way you read, cook, and tend the garden in your underwear.”

Ending to a perfect wedding!!

29Oh, snap! It had to happen.



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