Sharing Hanazawa Family Part 3

Hello guys! I know Hanazawa family is not what you wait for. But I play them and I actually like this family a lot, so I want to share them anyway. Here are a few pictures continuing their adventures…

21Robin got electrocuted with the stove… meanwhile Ryu kept looking at cat videos online.

22She died!!!!


23“That’s too sad. She will be missed.”

Truth is, I didn’t want her to die and lose my family so I started the save again and avoided the stove. YES! I cheated.

The zombie joke never gets old. I think EA didn’t even know they would be this funny when they thought of zombies in The Sims.



27Okay, fast forward a bunch of days. I moved them to their final home that I built for them. The Deco Beach home I uploaded for download.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the link: Deco Beach House


29What kind of dance move is that? Is that even a dance move???

30Robin continues to read while on either her pj’s or underwear, whatever she has on after bed. She is so lazy!! I love her.

So new house, and naturally I got tired of waiting for them to draw the stupid “get married” wish. I found a nice location for proposal, and took them there.


33“Robin I got one thing to show you.”

35“Robin, will you–”

36“Yes? YES?”


“Will you, be my–”

38“Your what? WHAT?”

39“Will you be my wife?”


41“Yes I will.”

44Awww, they are too cute.

45Okay his face says it all…





2 thoughts on “Sharing Hanazawa Family Part 3

  1. LOL here’s a tip if Robin decides to die again. Reset the lot with MC before the Grim Reaper appears, it will stop your sim from dying. Trust me it works, I had many sims randomly catching on fire or drown lol. It saves the trouble of exiting without saving and losing any progress before the sim death.

    This update was pretty funny :p They make a cute couple.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Im glad you like this family. I love them. And I will take the tip and use it whenever this happens again which I suspect will be soon because these two like to meddle with things they are not supposed to. Lol.
    Thanks for all your comments. โค


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