Sharing Hanazawa Family Part 2



Hello there friends,

Another update of my two love birds that aren’t exactly doing much of that. But work, work, and work. I’m not doing recaps or anything like that because this is just supposed to be a very free “play/free writing” thingy, in where I just post some random pictures of my game which is for a chance not a challenge, or story. Just Ryu and Robin.

Hope you enjoy!

1We start off with Ryu conducting a stakeout. Right…

2Quickly after playing this family for a couple of days I developed an obsession for makeovers! MAKEOVERS GALORE!

3She does look better. Love her eyes.


4Even the paparazzi got his makeover. He is a younger sim, but had that mustache and hair style that made him look much older.


5I do believe I did good. I hope he is happy. Are you happy, paparazzi…???

Now get out of my property you twat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry I have just been listening to Ricky, Steve, and Karl too much)

After two makeovers I got bored of the whole thing… so much for “makeover galore”

So I took this small family to France.

6.1Land of love… I just want them to fall for each other, but they just want to explore around.

6I was very impressed with Ryu. He managed to cross over these traps.




10Can’t say the same thing here!! Hahaha. And I love how Robin is standing in the background like nothing’s going on.

11Or here….

13This is like a scene from “Victor Victoria”, although I did not have Ryu come back with bugs on his wallet.

That would’ve been funny… I wonder whatever happened to the bugs from Sims 1? Not that I like them, but I thought it was pretty curious, now we don’t see them on Sims 3.

EA… *sigh*


12Can’t decide if he is drooling at her food, or if he is fed up with the whole thing.

I took them back home after failing at romance.

14Heading home!

“But first, let us take a selfie”

Uh Robin, you got some wardrobe malfunction going on there. Right.


15Ryu is conduction a stakeout. A real one… finally!!

16I like to display their amazing skills on the walls. Call me snobbish, but I’m just really living vicariously through my sims.
There is the award for the gardening skill, I think… the other two are their school diploma. It really doesn’t matter, neither have their names on it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could personalize their diplomas and awards? Okay I’ll shut up now.

17Well, this couple has no idea of romance. They prefer the predictable. Boring.

At least they’re getting something going. Now, if they could just draw the get married wish!! Please!!

I’m not good with photos, really I’m not. But sometimes you come across a perfect scene and you just want to capture it in all angles right? Also wish you could be there. Seriously…







2 thoughts on “Sharing Hanazawa Family Part 2

  1. hehe I like them. Ya know its been almost 3 years since I last sent a sim to France? I need to try that sometime. I sent Borage to China 2 years ago, it was kinda fun :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg! I hate sending my sims away to other worlds because time doesnt really pass while they are there but I force myself because its so much fun!! I think University with Boris was one of the funniest game time I have had in ages.

      Liked by 1 person

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