Deco Beach House

Hello friends!!!

It’s been a long time. I will come back with the first official note for this month, I have some news to tell. But right now, let’s all enjoy this Art Deco House in Roaring Heights.

Download HERE

Other pictures of this house:





You need to install Roaring Heights for the patterns and fence used in this house.

Deco Beach House is a great place for a legacy family. It has 4 bedrooms; 3 and 1.1 bathrooms.

it’s a 50X25 lot and it should be placed in the farthest, most northern point of the island in Roaring Heights for best view of the ocean, also because the lot is not completely flat and you might want to use the proper space in order to get the perfect look. Otherwise you can place the lot wherever you like, just be mindful of that.


Like with my other houses, I have used onemoreslot to place items on counters, stove, refrigerator, tables, and nightstands. This time I have included onemoreslot in the download file.

You do not have to use onemoreslot if you don’t have the Mods folder in your game. You can play the house without it. What will happen is that some of the clutter items (like cereal boxes, wine bottles, etc) won’t appear in the house, but you can still use them in game. However, the two story windows are also .package files and need to be placed under your Mods folder under Packages. Unless you can do without those windows, but the house won’t look the same.

Credit goes to:

  • milk
  • wondymoon
  • Spacesims
  • Flovv
  • Devirose
  • ATS3 (Around the sims)
  • ayyuff
  • baufive
  • Sim-man
  • BlueHopper
  • BS
  • Cemre
  • cyclonesue
  • DbA
  • DOT
  • Rennara
  • Falko
  • Roan
  • FraniJo
  • tulsa
  • Gosik
  • IrishStar
  • kar Elba
  • Kriss
  • Ladesire
  • LP
  • Lulu
  • Luna
  • Mango
  • IMHO
  • mensure
  • MFG
  • Milina
  • MooiGray
  • mt
  • Mutske
  • MZ
  • nanu
  • NmbrWoman
  • NynaeveDesign
  • OBP
  • Granny Zaza
  • Pilar
  • Pocci
  • PS
  • Pyszny
  • RicciNmbr
  • samelo22
  • Awesims
  • sebrof77
  • ShinoKCR
  • SIMc
  • souris
  • steffor
  • marcorse
  • Suza
  • SV
  • Sylvania
  • Tavita
  • Ung999
  • Marcussims
  • wolfspryte

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