Behind the Making

So I have decided to do a behind the making of Jensen and Jourdan because some of the stuff I encounter in the middle of taking pictures is just too funny and… creepy.

Like this picture of Jensen.

Screenshot (2)I think I had him doing the stress animation, which is very helpful to convey emotions like: annoyance, and arrogance; you can also use it to imply your sim is tired, and well, stressed out since it is the animation for that. I just can’t figure out where his arm starts and where it ends… hmm.

These four are just too much fun!!

Screenshot-4 (2)I go into the save and I had to wait a bit for the right time (in sims game) so I can start taking pictures. What do they decide to do? Yeah… to their credit it was foggy out, and very cold.

Screenshot-5Perfect time for ghost stories! Perfect story teller… bawhahaha.

And talking about ghost stories this picture of Ji Sang is very, very, very… extremely CREEPY.


I was trying to get a beat down kind of feel from the picture, instead I met with these pair of eyes… looking back at me. There is intent! Gives me the creeps.


โค Becca

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