Hanazawa Family — 1st Generation

Hello there friends!

This lovely couple above is Robin and Ryu Hanazawa. They aren’t married yet but for the sake of making things simple… anyway, this cute couple is the new family I’m playing when I’m not taking pictures for my stories, or writing them, or continuing to make my world, or brooding over my lack of accomplishments! Always brooding… that takes almost half of my day away. In the mean time people are busy about their lives… *sigh*

 photo Screenshot_zps8067d2a2.jpgThis is the tiny bundle of yellow I moved them to. Forgot the address, but it is -as you can already guess by the style of the house- in Roaring Heights. I think this world will suit Ryu and Robing perfectly.

 photo Screenshot-4_zpsa6d6c124.jpgAlready having girly crushes on a fake doll… that is the life of a gamer.

 photo Screenshot-7_zpsca213363.jpgRight away I had Robin acquired her first skill bar of cooking.

 photo Screenshot-8_zps7163216e.jpgBy the looks of it, the waffles won’t burn.

 photo Screenshot-10_zpsedcfe6c3.jpgWhile Robin was learning how to cook… something I should be doing. I had Ryu go to police station and become a private EYE… shhh! very private.

 photo Screenshot-11_zps56c4f0f1.jpgHe doesn’t seem to be very happy about it… does he?

 photo Screenshot-14_zps17b5e040.jpgPretty Robin will be working with plants, and fine specimens! Behold the future savior of the world… just sayin’

 photo Screenshot-17_zpse6c6bba8.jpgSo Ryu got right to work. This lady needs a new style but I was far too fascinated with Ryu to even noticed that then.

 photo Screenshot-18_zps0478eb74.jpgHis job consists of hacking, and… well, hacking.

 photo Screenshot-21_zps83fd1095.jpg“Don’t be upset. I just need you to tell me where you hid the stupid ring.”

 photo Screenshot-23_zpse7fcf372.jpgAw! My Robin is so dedicated. She wants to have the perfect garden.

 photo Screenshot-26_zpscae1eb06.jpgMean while Ryu lurks around corners and garbage cans.

“I wonder what interesting finds will be hiding here.”

 photo Screenshot-27_zpsbe9cd829.jpg“Holy Mother of God! I better hide this shit…”

 photo Screenshot-28_zps0ed6d366.jpg“Hope no body saw that.”

 photo Screenshot-42_zps21185c65.jpg A gamer playing another gamer! The idiosyncrasy of it all.

 photo Screenshot-25_zpscd49be54.jpg“Water bill; Government check; Playboy magazine…”

 photo Screenshot-48_zps0957c657.jpg“Trah–lah–laaah”

Okay ’bout time Ryu and Robin had some time together. I wanted them to develop wishes for one another, like be Ryu’s best friend and such things. Alas! I was not successful, so I had to force the situation.

 photo Screenshot-59_zps70c0f572.jpgA food contest seemed like the right choice.

“Hey lady if you aren’t eating those hot-dogs, I’ll eat them too.” <— worst line ever.

 photo Screenshot-62_zps0db868cf.jpgYeah, this was forced too… it’s like Ryu get your ball in the game will ya!!

 photo Screenshot-63_zps6d6244a7.jpgAll women like flowers.

 photo Screenshot-61_zpsc1cf12ad.jpgAnd they hug!!

Later I found this on the skating ring:

 photo Screenshot-64_zps16e76fe6.jpgHave no idea who it was, but I guess that’s the point aye.

 photo Screenshot-69_zps749f95a9.jpgFirst picture together! aw.

A lot more things happened but they aren’t that important… of course, I have to end this brief first update with Ryu and Robing having a romantic date.

 photo Screenshot-72_zps698bf218.jpg‘Bout time they started something.

Robin: Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

 photo Screenshot-73_zps2c1569f4.jpgRyu: Friends don’t hug like this, do they?

 photo Screenshot-75_zpsb137a269.jpg

 photo Screenshot-76_zps258dc610.jpgI knew it! Too soon… *sigh*

 photo Screenshot-77_zps3373a4ad.jpgRyu: Don’t worry, I have got the perfect come back!

 photo Screenshot-78_zps2749b0d8.jpgWatching stars while pretending to be shy? Really? Is that your perfect come back?

 photo Screenshot-79_zpsf7db8a1e.jpg

 photo Screenshot-83_zps766b60ce.jpgWell, it did work! He he.

 photo Screenshot-84_zpsa49eca69.jpg

Until next time my lovely friends!

I better get these two to bed or else…



2 thoughts on “Hanazawa Family — 1st Generation

  1. LOL @ the ghost skates. I haven’t done the PI career in ages. The stake outs are ridiculous. Yeah no one can see you behind those brushes….on the sidewalk. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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