1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Four

I guess I have to put this here: WARNING! This story contains strong language and violence… and sex… occasionally

Note from the author: It’s been long but here I am with an update and hopefully one that is very good to make up for all the time away. I will come back with chapter five sooner than later. Sorry for the writing on this chapter, it’s kinda ludicrous, but I struggled to express Jensen’s feelings so much I just went with it as it is… thank you all for reading. ❤ Becca.

Chapter THREE



As if unbeknownst to me – that time is passing. Because nothing moves, yet my eyes burn from the cold wind – I stand here wondering what’s this… I feel?


And if I run would someone see me?


And if I scream would someone hear me?


What’s this?


I drift on.


Because time is passing yet nothing moves…


inside me.

nineOh! I know what this is…



This… I feel, is the air only she and I breath.




A Brighter Future


“So you’re Irish’s daughter…”


“You have a great dad.”


“I think so too”


“Is that wrong?”




sevena“Actually… it would be wrong if you didn’t.”


“Everyone else seems to think so as well but my dad ignores it. He still punishes himself for what happened before.”


“What happened?”


“You’re telling me you don’t know?”

elevena“Whoa! I can’t believe it.”

twelvea“All these years I have been struggling with the fact that for the rest of my life people will look at me as the daughter of a murderer. ”

thirteena“And here you are.”

fourteen1“The one person who’s opinion matters most to me… thank you.”

fifteen1“I find hard to believe I could be such a person to anyone.”

sixteen“But you’re welcome.”

seventeen“Dad was fired from the hospital for malpractice.”

eighteen “It’s a bit complicated to explain but someone died on his surgical table.”

nineteen1“The thing is, after it all happened; all the suffering we went through – patient’s family sued the hospital and my father. You can imagine all the stress and pressure that puts on someone.”


“Well, dad… not him; he was calmer than ever. Through all these years after the fact he still is very calm… I can almost say ‘happy’ but I’m afraid to use that word so lightly. He is focus, he is determined; he is passionate about his ideas, he is like a man with a plan to change the world. And is just weird.”

twenty one” Don’t you think is weird?”


“I don’t know. I don’t know how your dad is normally.”


twentyfour“It is weird.”


“Not to mention the part where he claims to have found the secret to time travel.”


twentysix“It’s ridiculous.”

twentyseven“And at the same time I think it so brilliant.”


“What did you just say?”

thirty“Yeah!! I know… weird-funny uh?”



memoryI’m Jourdan.

memory2I came from the future…

memory3I’m your wife… Fifteen years in the future I’m your wife.


“Are you okay? What’s wrong? I said something stupid didn’t I?”


“No. No it’s not that. Let’s go, you don’t want to be late.”


“Jensen wait… sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out.”


“I’m fine. Really. I’m fine.”


2“Well, here we are…”


“A bit too early though.”

4“Maria I hope you’ll be okay here alone. I have to go to take care of –”

5“Your little cousin, I know. I have seen you with him.”

6“Say, there isn’t much going on at school today, being a Friday an all.”

7“I can join you if you don’t mind, I mean, I meant to say I can be late to school it’s not a big deal. I’ll keep you company while you take your little cousin to school.”

8“Well, technically you are right about today not being a busy day.”

9“But you don’t want to have lateness on your record.”

10“Oh. You are right, I guess –”


12“How to put this? You can, maybe, get a doctor’s note?


“And come hang out with me all day. If you want.”

14“That is better than being late don’t you think?”


16Now I understand why I was meant to live this fate.


It is all worth while if only…

19“Let’s do it!”

18If only to be with her.
 photo Screenshot_zpsebd91a0c.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2_zps450cd74d.jpg“I’m very happy.”

 photo Screenshot-3_zps02a09159.jpg“You have finally come to stay here.”

 photo Screenshot-4_zps777883cd.jpg“Julian?”

 photo Screenshot-6_zps9da2e704.jpg“Hmm.”

 photo Screenshot-8_zps4d53b01a.jpg“You are not leaving this time right? You’ll stay?”

 photo 07_zpsbf979a0d.jpg“Pat…”


 photo 08_zps98366990.jpg“I got in on Petra’s next film.”

 photo 09_zps6b42f539.jpg“That’s wonderful Julian –”

 photo 010_zps57909626.jpg“It’s not.”

 photo 011_zpscef37119.jpg“How am I suppose to prepare myself for the part? In this house; full of brats. I can handle Tommy, but that Jensen… plus there’s barely any space. I need privacy while I do my research and create this character. I have a month before they start filming.”

 photo 012_zps09fa6edf.jpg“I’m gonna have to turn it down. I have no conditions at the moment –”

 photo 013_zps3cf04f35.jpg“No.”

 photo 014_zps5ca6904b.jpg“You won’t have to turn it down. You can use the attic. There is plenty of privacy there.”

 photo 015_zpsa2987903.jpg“What about Jensen? Are you finally throwing him out of the house? That kid… I tell you-”

 photo 016_zps9eea9f15.jpg“He can sleep anywhere, is only for a month right? This is my house after all. He has to do as I ask.”

 photo 017_zpsd2ebde0a.jpg“No. This isn’t going to work. I can’t be in the same roof with him.”

 photo 018_zpsff161fda.jpg“Julian… I can’t just throw him away. I’m his legal guardian.”

“Legal guardian my ass. He is not even your sister’s real kid. Like, he is an orphan. He had a bitch for a mother, and no father… the fucking bastard!”

 photo 019_zps582e8193.jpg“What?”

“Well, don’t you see what he is? He is leech. I’m surprise you haven’t gotten anything stolen. I’m telling you the kid’s parents were no good, I know –”

“How do you know that?”

 photo 020_zps6468593f.jpg“Uh? Well, I… what do you mean? You told me remember? You said your sister had adopted him and that his real parents were probably no good.”

 photo 021_zpseae531ea.jpg“I don’t remember telling you all that.”

 photo 022_zps60e240e8.jpg“That’s ’cause your dumb. By the way, isn’t it around the time that lazy bastard should be getting up?”

 photo 023_zps26fea47e.jpg“He usually does now, yes.”

 photo 024_zps554598d2.jpg“I have to run to the store… get some ciggies.”

 photo Screenshot-41_zps58af29dd.jpg

 photo 025_zpsd679edb1.jpg“Stop thinking so hard, your brain is not used to it.”

 photo Screenshot-2_zps559cd263.jpg“What have I done?”

 photo Screenshot-3_zps95267a17.jpg

 photo Screenshot-4_zpseffa38b4.jpg“Holy crap! Jensen?”

“Jeez where do I have my head these days…”

“What happened?”

 photo Screenshot-5_zps7e05af11.jpg“What is he doing out this early?”

 photo Screenshot-6_zps53187f19.jpg“I forgot my backpack at Mr. Sang’s”

 photo Screenshot-8_zps484c96db.jpg“I guess I’ll just get it tonight when I go check on Elias.”

“Yeah no worries… we’ll get it back.”

 photo Screenshot-7_zps89eecff5.jpg“You think Mr. Sang would buy it if I tell him that’s why I didn’t go to class today?”

“That would be funny.”

 photo Screenshot-15_zps15a87c62.jpg“Okay. Wait for us here. I’ll just change shirts and bring Tommy out. He is probably wondering why I didn’t wake him up.”

I wonder if this is a chance at being happy.

 photo Screenshot-14_zpse964f494.jpg“It’s fine. Take your time in there.”


Could this really be it?

 photo Screenshot-17_zpscfa5291b.jpgCould this be the start of a brighter future?

 photo 026_zps9a22268b.jpg“Sis, what have I done?”



5 thoughts on “1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Four

  1. Hmmm, that last line has me wondering…

    And I caught on that little talk about time travel… That might explain how Jensen’s wife has come from the future… Really intriguing…

    Lovely pics, as usual <3.


    • Hi Marta!

      Well yeah the talk about time travel has to start coming out because otherwise I’ll lose focus of the story. Although it is a very important factor to the story it’s not the main plot. But glad you caught on… and that last line with Patricia. Hmm. Very soon you’ll start to get the whole meaning of it.

      Thank you for reading as always. Can’t believe our stories are so different, yet they have us hooked hahahaha.


  2. I’ve asked the question about Maria, I’ve got it answered.

    I wonder whether her father’s personal tragedy has anything to do with Jensen’s. And the time machine — is that a device he came up with to partially make up with the mistake he has made in the past?

    Since Jensen is the protagonist, everything seems to evolve around him. Even heartthrob Julian (everybody is sighing for Ji, I’ll go Julian instead, though he seems to be the bad guy) holds a piece of Jensen’s story. Like in a puzzle, I wonder where he fits.


    • Well, that is very kind of you to like Julian. Yes, he is a bad guy, one of many on Jensen’s life. However, I don’t think they are necessarily attacking Jensen, although it might seem that way right now. But Jensen is more like collateral damage from a much bigger story that will be told on the second degree… and I will stop on that hahaha.

      Irish is… hmmm, Irish is a dangerous character to talk about. So let me just say, he is not repenting.


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