1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Three (2nd Part)

I guess I have to put this here: WARNING! This story contains strong language and violence.

Note from the author: Hey guys! Back with the second part to the 3rd chapter. Oh you thought you had enough of Ji for one chapter? Tsk, tsk. Hehe.
If you are confused by the strange style of story telling read this GUIDE first.


It’s all for her. It always was,

Elizabeth3and always will be.

Screenshot-38“No smoking here, you know that.”

Screenshot-15“What do you want to drink? I’ll get that started.”


Screenshot-9“Wow, this sure wasn’t the greeting I was expecting but I like it.”

Screenshot-10“Shut up and kiss me.”



Screenshot-14“This isn’t how you normally are… what’s wrong?

Screenshot-19“Did you miss me this much?

Screenshot-16“Huh! I doubt it —

Screenshot-24“Ji! wait…”

Screenshot-47“What are you doing?”


Screenshot-48“Hold it… not this way.”



Screenshot-52“Shhh. That beautiful mouth shouldn’t be doing anything else but kissing me.”




Screenshot-59“Turn around.”


Screenshot-63“I love you.”



Screenshot-81Time is moving… but still, I’m not.

Screenshot-13I’m awake, alone;

Screenshot-12she is not here, and I know if I reach out my arm to the other side of the bed it should be empty. Cold.

Screenshot-3And I like it that way; the cold feel of the sheets between my hand. It reminds me of what I must do.

Screenshot-6But tonight I don’t feel the coldness of the sheets.

Screenshot-15Someone is laying next to me; but still… its not her.





Screenshot-27“Where are you going?”

Screenshot-20There is something I must do. Something I promised.

Screenshot-25“Ji… stay a bit longer.”

Screenshot-29“I have a class to teach.”

That’s why I came to New Haven, the city of new beginnings;

Only I came in search of the end.

Screenshot-26“Oh my God. I forgot.”

Screenshot-31“Where the hell are my shoes?”

“By the foot of the bed.”

Screenshot-36“It’s just hard to picture you as a teacher.”

Screenshot-34I’m a man of routine. I like routines. If only she could understand that?

Screenshot-38 “I bet you have all those annoying girls under your spell.”


But it doesn’t matter anymore; nothing does.


Screenshot-40“Yes love?”

She is not here anymore. She is not. She is gone…

Screenshot-42God! I miss her so much.

Screenshot-44“Come closer.”


Screenshot-45“Is that ‘I love you’  in Korean?”


Screenshot-46“You said you love me.

“Last night, you said you love me.

Screenshot-47“Ji, I love you too.”

Screenshot-53“What’s wrong?

Screenshot-51“You don’t remember?

Screenshot-52“You weren’t drunk!”

Screenshot-54“Oh God! What am I doing?”

Screenshot-58“I’m sorry Eva… I”

Screenshot-75“Ji wait –”

Screenshot-77“No. It was all a mistake… I’m so sorry.”











Screenshot“What the fuck!!”

Screenshot-36“Shhhh. You’ll wake up Elias.”

Screenshot-3“Holly Mother of Jesus!”

Screenshot-20“How the hell did you get in here?”

Screenshot-36“Jensen, listen –“

Screenshot-8“Stay right there.”

Screenshot-40“What are you doing?”

Screenshot-9“Someone just broke into my house. Please come quickly I’m at…”

Screenshot-10“Stop it. That’s not going to solve anything.”

“No. Leave me alone.”

Screenshot-12“Stop it.”

“Get away.”

Screenshot-13“Stop it Jensen. I’m your wife you gotta listen to me!”


Screenshot-16“You must listen to me. I’m your wife. Jourdan Dunn Tomo. Fifteen years in the future I’m your wife.”

Screenshot-18“This is insane. You’re insane.”

Screenshot-37“I came from the future. Year 2028, we are married to one another. I know it’s impossible to believe at the moment, and I don’t have time to prove it to you. But this is the truth okay?”


Screenshot-20“This whole night, has been… a fucking dream.”

“Jensen. Please…”

Screenshot-25“I wish it to end.

Screenshot-29“Sometimes I think I’m doing wrong by existing.

Screenshot-30“Maybe I should just disappear. Blow away… into the emptiness.”


Screenshot-32“I must deserve this. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be happening to me.”

Screenshot“Stop being so dramatic.”

Screenshot-35“Look, Jourdan. I don’t know who you are, and don’t care either way. Now would you please stop this? Please? My life is already a mess, I don’t need you to make it worse.”

Screenshot-45“Should I ring or not?”


Screenshot-47“What should I do?”

Screenshot-28“I don’t want to hurt your feelings. You’re obviously upset about something and are reacting… crazy.

Screenshot-25“I don’t know, but I suggest you go back to your house, or hospital if you came from there.

Screenshot-23“I’m leaving, so should you… before the owner of the house comes back and calls the cops on you.

Screenshot-24“Something I should be doing instead…”


Screenshot-10“Thank you God! Good. This is good.”

Screenshot-44“I don’t have another choice but to prove it to you, do I?”


Screenshot-43“Well, Maria is about to ring the bell. The girl you are in love with is her, isn’t it?”

Screenshot-19“How do you…?”

Screenshot-6“She is about to ring the bell; she is standing outside thinking if whether she has made the right choice in coming here or not.

Screenshot-5“If…if she decides she has made the right choice –and I think she will –she will ring the bell, you will open the door and leave with her. Maria and you almost made it, if it weren’t for me. This must be the time you and her start dating.”

Screenshot-3“Are you serious?

Screenshot-4“Are you fucking serious?”





I have used items from these creators (not a complete list sorry. You can find some of them linked on my page “Credits”):

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16 thoughts on “1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Three (2nd Part)

  1. I’m still in awe at how powerful your pics are. They express so much… I simply love them ❤

    Ah, so she's his wife -or will be, at any rate. I was half-expecting something along those lines, half-expecting something completely different. But it's an interesting turn, anyway :D.


    • Oh Marta now I’m curious to know what else were you expecting? Hehe…. so curious!!! Hint, hint…

      And thank you for the compliment. 🙂
      I’m still thinking I could have done better with this second half but I was rushed to finish it before the weekend. But I’m glad you think the pics came out great.
      Most of the good ones are from Delight. Check out their stuff, is wonderful.


    • Thank you mi amiga. Truth is I already had written this story, it was published on another blog I don’t longer have. Now, I’m doing like a remake or edited version – whatever you would like to call it. I have added more characters and changed some of the things that happen, but overall plot is basically the same. I have the next two chapters ready; I just have to make time for the pictures in game… that is the hardest part. ^^
      So excited you like it!! XD


  2. Yeah, I love it. I like visual stories, guess that is why I am trying to draw my own instead of writing a novel. I love reading, but I’m very visual, and in a way, I prefer to see a story. Looking forward to the rest then 🙂


  3. Very interesting.

    Though I’m not sure we learned so much about Ji in this chapter as I was expecting. He misses a beloved woman, and who is she?

    And Jou’s presence brings the POV back to Jensen. Coming from the future is the name of one of my chapters, but nothing so radical like this! She is his about to die wife in the future, so she must be somewhere in time struggling for her life, and trying to help Jensen — and this is her past.

    I’m wondering how Maria learned Jensen was spending the night at their teacher’s home.

    The pictures are stunning, and your framing is so artistic. Very sharp eye, for the director of photography you have in yourself!


    • Wow, never thought of myself in that way. I do think being an artist helps to create a good ambiance on my pictures, but I understand is not necessarily the reason for any of us. However, I do put a lot of thought on what pictures to take and what to bring out because there so much lack of narrative… but we have talked about this quite a lot. 😀

      I’m interested on the way you perceived every detail I bring. Like how you noticed Irish is a bit weird, he is not just a doctor Ji owes a favor to. And how you pointed out Jourdan must be struggling for her life in the future while now her “ghost” or so it seems, is trying to help Jensen back in her own past. You always seem to point out the things I struggled to bring out in the pictures and dialogues, and always worried readers wouldn’t be able to noticed because of my lack of narrative. It is hard to just rely on pictures.


  4. She’s his wife. From the future! And, it’s important he dates Maria! This is getting more interesting all the time. And, with each chapter, more questions arise. I love it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jourdan is kind of a difficult person to understand, but at least her actions do come from an honest place of love. Although it might seem super strange… but the situation is not normal so… hahaha. I’m still wondering what I would do if I were Jensen.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do try my best to keep their reactions as realistic as possible. Moments like this is when I remember the movie Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore’s character said: “Someone ones told me write about what you know.” It sure makes writing easier, knowing what you are writing about LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

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