1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Three

I guess I have to put this here: WARNING! This story contains strong language and violence… and sex… occasionally

Note from the author: Okay guys! Back with the third chapter of Jensen&Jou. This was a fun chapter to write because Jensen and Ji get to interact a lot and I love how they hate/love each other. But it was horrible to put together because… well, the pictures were a nightmare. I thought I would never get it done.
If you are confused by the strange style of story telling read this GUIDE first.
Thank you for reading. ^ ^

Chapter TWO


“Time goes and like a moving breeze it flies.”


Time erases nothing.


ELIIt only stirs your memories like the blowing breeze stirs the fallen leaves….


Screenshot-13She is in every moment; a scent; a sound…

Elizabeth3… and my memories filled me with her.

Screenshot-30“Ji? You still there?”

Screenshot-24“Yes. What do you think?”

Screenshot-25“Awesome! You can come up now.”

Screenshot-28“About time…”

Screenshot-31And it plays a movie in my head;

Screenshot-32a collage of scattered images… all of her. And I feel like I’m still, in time;

Screenshot-34 in that time when it was always her. And then I wake up…

Screenshot-36… it’s all a dream.

Screenshot-35“I’m so glad you came to stay, even if only for one night.”

It was only just a dream.



5 hours earlier.


Screenshot-6“Hold on to the wall, let me ring the bell.”

Screenshot-19“I’m not expecting anyone. Strange…”

Screenshot-9“Wait. That is…

Screenshot-11“That is Jensen. I had no idea he would –”


Screenshot-13“I got this.”

Screenshot-20“What in the name?–”

“I need your help.”


Screenshot-86“Lay him on the sofa.”

Screenshot-87“I seriously doubt he can make it to my room in that condition.”

Screenshot“And he is out…”


Screenshot-17“What are you doing?”

Screenshot-35“No! No hospitals. No cops.”

Screenshot-30“This kid needs medical help.”

Screenshot-25“Look at him!”


Screenshot-13“Jeez you think?

Screenshot-34“Were he able to go to a hospital, he wouldn’t have asked for my help. His own words.”

Screenshot-21“Well, that makes sense. Still–”

Screenshot-33“I tried his house, but he refused… almost begged me.”

Screenshot-36“So… can I trust you?”

Screenshot-22“Yes. Of course, you can trust me.



Screenshot-4“Oh wow, totally forgot we’re gonna need some towels, and…

Screenshot-5“…some other stuff. Be right back.”

Screenshot-61“Ji!! It’s working!”

“You almost made me scream back there.”

Screenshot-62“He came here after I told him to look for someone he trusted. Do –”

Screenshot-66“Wait a minute? You told him to come here?”

Screenshot-93“Do you realize what this means?

Screenshot-94“He fully trusts you; now is when we tell him the whole truth.”

Screenshot-119“Wait, Jou, wait… okay, look…”

Screenshot-120“there is a person practically dying on my couch. Do you really think this is the moment to tell him the truth about his adoptive parents?”

Screenshot-97“Joon Ji-woo!!”

Screenshot-74“Shhh. Lower your voice.”

“Someone is dying here!! You went to China to get the towels?”

Screenshot-71“He can’t hear me, dummy.”

Screenshot-68“Don’t call me by that name.”

Screenshot-99“Ji. In the future, Jensen is the person dying; he is dying because I didn’t tell him the truth when I should have.

Screenshot-106“Now I have come here – thanks to you – to stop it from happening, and there isn’t a minute to waste, you said it yourself.”

Screenshot-115“Okay, okay… I know.”

Screenshot-92“You need to tell him. He won’t believe me. Not anymore.

Screenshot-104“Spill it all out, the truth about his adoptive parents…

Screenshot-91“the truth about you –”

Screenshot-89“And I will… I, huh… Listen, I will tell him.

Screenshot-118“But not now; right now is not the best time. Okay?”


Screenshot-79“Okay this conversation is over.”

Screenshot-83“I told you not to call  me that.

Screenshot-84“It’s not who I am anymore.”

Screenshot-87“I’m Sang, Ji Sang… alright?

Screenshot-23“Do you even know anything about this kid?”

Screenshot-27“What that he sells drugs? Yeah I know this kid.

“34 and 16.

Screenshot-2“Blue Grove? It doesn’t ring a bell does it? I wouldn’t think so. So why the stupid question?”

Screenshot-12“Figures, you know nothing about him.”

Screenshot-45“Well I’m sorry if I haven’t read his biography. But I happen to not give a shit!”


Screenshot-6“I just…”

Screenshot-7“He helped Tommy alright? I’m just returning the favor.”

Screenshot-14“Elias was abandoned by his parents when he was 10. It would be nice if–”


Screenshot-2“Yeah well, I don’t know what’s worse; to lose what you already have, or to never have it at all.”

Screenshot-48“I had a family you dick. Alright? I had parents.”

Screenshot-36“I didn’t mean your adoptive parents. Alright?

Screenshot-50“And can I get a little more respect here?”

Screenshot-4“Uh huh… well, I’m nothing like this douche, I don’t see why I should sympathize.”

Screenshot-25“Can you dickheads stop arguing?

Screenshot-9“I’m not an orphan God! My parents are still alive.

Screenshot-8“They just don’t live with me… at the moment. But will, soon.”

Screenshot-47“Whatever dude.”

Screenshot-27“Can I get some water please?”

Screenshot-18“Go get him the water, I’ll call the doctor.”

Screenshot-40“Did you not here what I said earlier? No doctors.”

Screenshot-3“And here we go again…”

Screenshot-39“It’s okay, relax. Irish doesn’t practice.”

Screenshot-43“You’re calling a quack?”

Screenshot-2“These dudes won’t fucking listen.”

Screenshot-23“Irish isn’t a quack. Would you relax? He worked before, he just doesn’t anymore.”


Screenshot-34“Because he got fired for malpractice, alright? Any more questions?”

Screenshot-28“Oh great! That’s just great.”

Screenshot-26“Hey Jens, for real man…

Screenshot-30“…I need water.”

Screenshot-33“What do you suggest then?”

Screenshot-17“Look! I’m not going to be responsible for the death of this idiot.”

Screenshot-38“Me neither, that’s why I’m calling someone who can save him!”

Screenshot-19“WATER DAMN IT!”

Screenshot-3“He has lost a lot of blood.

Screenshot-5“I’m surprised he did not passed out.”

Screenshot“Is he going to be alright?”

Screenshot-6“Yes. He is going to be alright.

Screenshot-17“He won’t be able to walk well, but if he can take a few steps, let him.

Screenshot-2“That is, unless –”


Screenshot-18“If he gets a fever tonight, then I wasn’t able to stop the infection. You need to call me again.

Screenshot-12“But I don’t see why he would, the kid is stronger than two Goliath together.”

Screenshot-9“Good. I’m going home then.”


Screenshot-2“You aren’t leaving me here with him.”

Screenshot-20“He sells drugs, not murder people.”

Screenshot-4“You brought him, you take care of him.”

Screenshot-21“And who’s going to take care of Tommy ”

Screenshot-15“Tommy will be fine.

Screenshot-19“Just stay here for the night. I’ll go somewhere else. Keep an eye on him, you know, in case of a fever. In the morning  you can go back home; leave me the keys in the mail box.”

Screenshot-14“Well, that settles it then. I’m the one who’s leaving.”

Screenshot-37“I’ll walk you out.”


Screenshot-22 (2)“Do  you need anything?”

“Phone… my house. I need to call–”

“Hold on.”

Screenshot-26“Thank you Irish. You saved my neck once again. How can I pay you for this? I don’t have much cash but –”

Screenshot-28“Don’t worry Sang.”


Screenshot-27“there is something you have more valuable than cash.”

Screenshot-49“I’ll let you know when I want it.”

Screenshot-54“Joon –”


Screenshot-55“Huh — Ji… Sang…”

Screenshot-59“What is it now?”

Screenshot-56“Just wanna say thanks.”

Screenshot-63“For everything.”

Screenshot-62Yeah well, I don’t do it for you.

ELII do it for her.


14 thoughts on “1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Three

  1. oooft! Ji is some kind of freakin’ GORGEOUS!! How did you make him so PERFECT. OMFG I am so in love with that sim!! ❤ ❤ Great, great, GREAT chapter.

    Yes I realize I used way too many caps in this comment but I believe they emphasize my point 😉


    • Ha ha ha, thanks Weathie. Ji did come out that great and I dont know how, I guess I did him with love ^^
      With this chapter ended the intro of the three main characters so I hope to move things along from now on. Im dying to start the second degree where is all about Ji (Joon Ji-woo). But I think I’ll explain more about him in this degree. I have to…
      Nway, thanks for reading and commenting. ❤


    • Thank you. 😀
      The mystery behind the blonde will be revealed in this degree. She is not only part of Ji’s past. I’m just going to leave it at that…

      Thank you for reading and commenting Marta. 😀


    • Haha thanks janee… :3

      I don’t think Ill be able to update before March -_-
      Damn work. I have to go to a school in Oklahoma for three weeks and these two weeks I have been busy like crazy. But when I come back lots of updates… I hope. ^^


  2. Somehow, Jou not only came to Ji — she also delivered the POV to him. I like that.

    So he is not simply the teacher — he knows about Jensen’s parents. And Jensen himself, his love for Tommy makes him do good things, and care about others.

    Your narration, or lack of, reminds me of Asian movies, and I am thinking of Wong Kar-wai’s ‘In the mood for love’ here. Have you seen it? The female protagonist is in elegant dresses like the mysterious blonde.

    All characters seem to have an intense, complicated background, even side ones like Elias and Irish. Very rich.

    And you pictures are beautiful. Personally, I like episodes indoors, and at night.


    • Andante Zen! Glad to hear from you, it has become rather a habit of mine now to check my notifications in search of a comment from you. Thank you for that!!

      It is kind of funny my style of story telling for this particular story reminds you of an Asian film. I have not watched the movie you mentioned, although I am aware of which movie it is and the actors. I often saw it on my Netflix but never decided to watch it until now that you mentioned it. However, the way it reminds you of Asian films makes me happy because I think after watching 3-Iron, a film by South Korean director Kim Ki-duk I was never the same person again. I say this because I had written this story before and published it at a different blog. It had more narrative, and it was all in the first person POV, although, to my knowledge it was very superficial, it needed more. And so I thought of bringing this story to light once more, and while I was thinking how to enrich it I remembered 3-Iron, a film in which none of the main characters ever utter one word and yet turn your life inside out for the hour or so the movie lasts. I wanted to express with dialogues and move with pictures. I had to show that rawness and sensibility on this particular story because Jensen and Jourdan, and also Ji, all deserved to be shown to the world with all their imperfections. Well, I added a few more characters like Elias, Eva, Julian, and the girls at Jensen’s school except for Maria because she was always part of the main plot.

      Again, thank you so much for all your insights. I know you know how much I appreciate this, but I still want to thank you lots for it. 🙂


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