Glenn Rhee

The thing I hated the most out of my 3D art class was how the professor kept telling us to focus on an object and take it out of it’s element… well, he didn’t actually said it like that, but that’s pretty much it.

Tonight, I saw that idea as a positive means to create…well, nothing! Just have fun with it.

So… how would Glenn Rhee look out of his element?

Because if Glenn where to live in a city out of his element, it would be something like Lorde’s video… right…



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Credits to:

Ephemera — Shock&shame — Tifa — pixicat — simsimi — Sha Tsai







antonioPoses by:

M-Sims — andalysims –simchology — Sha Tsai — 2sanghaec










Must confess something… and disclaimer: first all quotes (the two) are from the song “Team” by Lorde, I do not claim them as my own… just in case we get ridiculous. Now … the download file in this case contains the sliders (all of my sliders) also, I didn’t add make up because it’s not important. Not really. His hair is from EA store “Sleek Chic“. The pants he is wearing with the prints (have no idea what they are) I looked for it, didn’t find it. I put lots of effort into looking for it so I could share Glenn in all his glory… but I guess it wasn’t enough; I’m tired; is late. But I will look tomorrow, and when I find it I’ll add it to the file. For now… please enjoy him without the pants with weird prints… ^.^               ❤ Becca

Update! — Guys sorry, I forgot to add the eye-bags to the file. Here is a direct link to the eye-bags in case you already downloaded Glenn before this update. But if you haven’t yet, the eye-bags are already included on the download file. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

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