The Randominov Legacy 1.10 – End of Generation One

Note from the author: So… it has been forEVA! since I last updated on my boy Ivan. By now, my readers might know me as the bullshitter simmer, I won’t argue that. Here is the 10th chapter of the Randominov legacy, and the last one of the first generation. Why? the kids haven’t even grown yet. Well… first, I need to move things along with this legacy/challenge because its just going no where as it is; second, I want to start alternating between Randominovs and Radcliffes which is another challenge I have started (pft, talk about bullshitter, now I have more on my already full plate which I obviously cannot handle) I guess I need to feel overwhelmed in order to function at all. After this first generation I will take a break from Randominovs and update on Radcliffe for about 10 chapters, then Ill come back to Randominovs second generation and so on. Sorry to my readers for being so messy and unstable, I do hope you guys don’t go away and keep coming here. Radcliffes will be as fun to read as Ivan. I do promise hope! <—- This never happened on 2014. UPDATED LAST 1/2/2015

Nway, this is a long ass chapter. Thanks for reading! ❤





Ivan Randominov here at your service.

Last time we met I was having fun catching up with an old friend from college, although… yeah, she didn’t look anything like before.

Screenshot-199But as you know, that wouldn’t stop me.


In the rare case that you don’t know me because, well, this woman hasn’t updated on my life since like – forever!! So… you can catch up with my life here. Everything you want to know, from when I was created, to university years, to making my kiddos… the little devils. Anyway, all that intro which is clearly very important, but between you and I: not really that entertaining; a bunch of teddy bear games and zombies crashing parties. Meh. Hey!! No body likes putting their lives out there for the world to see…

Screenshot-61anyway… my objective has already been decided. Yeah, don’t ask me, too random to even start on it. My future? Who knows, I guess that’s why we are here now, to clear up on that;

Forget where we left off, we are here to jump into the future so let’s move right on… Oh! and if you didn’t already noticed, I — I, will be narrating this chapter!

You always took charge of your updates Boris-boo.

This is different, I will narrate.


Shut up woman! No sayings from you.


Screenshot-254Summer time in Lucky Palms. This only means one thing: SUMMER FESTIVAL!

Screenshot-251I took the brats out on a summer afternoon. Destination: summer festival! There was some family time needed.

Screenshot-252My eldest, for those who don’t know; Rocco Randominov. Yeah, it bugs me his name is not Russian but I think his mother was like, from Rome or something?

*This man LIES*

Screenshot-247On the plus side, he is very handsome and he likes playing the piano;  and you know what they say about pianists…

Screenshot-253“That they’re a bunch of lunatic narcissists with a taste for drama?”

Oh right. My other son… whose name I have forgotten atm...

*face palm*

Screenshot-257YAGHK!  “Kids you weren’t supposed to see this.”

Screenshot-256Dad, let me narrate this part. You know, since I’m the heir and all…

Okay, so we had a typical day at the festival;







Screenshot-268This shit is going down my throat like water…




Screenshot-271And I win bitches!!! Yayha!

Okay now we can continue with the family activities.

Screenshot-274Man with the werewolf hair-style: Pst, kid, hey… pst! You can stop now.

Later when I got me some ice-cream:

Screenshot-276This is a rainbow… is this supposed to say something about me?

Screenshot-275“HEY! Not fair!!”

Screenshot-278So dad and little devil were practicing some moves on the skating ring… soooo gay!

Screenshot-279I joined. Because if the rainbow ice-cream doesn’t say something, nothing else will.

*double face palm*

Screenshot-277Boris: “Be careful not to fall Rocco.”


Screenshot-282Coco from somewhere not in this picture: “I’ll be careful, thanks dad!”

Screenshot-289Nway, the family time out ends on a good note:




Screenshot-293“Hopefully I get to meet a hot piercing momma before it actually ends… “

Nway, now I take back over this random shit.


Screenshot-301“Since lab?”

Screenshot-303“Yes, I would like to order the mini lab set table… uhuh, that one.”

Screenshot-304“And the manual on how to make your invisible friend real. Thanks.”

Screenshot-305“NOW. IT IS ON!!! dad.”

The following days the usual randomness happened:

Screenshot-308Sink gone The Money Pit

Screenshot-306Evil paparazzis. Late at night. At the door.

Screenshot-309Toilet gone Resident Evil.

Screenshot-314Rocco and a girl playing with pillows…

WAIT! Did I just saw my crazy-girl deprived-son with a girl?

Screenshot-315My son has forgotten “Puzzle” after all.

Screenshot-316 A father couldn’t be more proud.

Screenshot-329T.V. gone Poltergeist.



Screenshot-330Passed out subjects.

Screenshot-333Passed out subjects… again.


Hey! Wait… is that?



Days later,

Screenshot-366“Dad I want to be the grim reaper when I grow up.”

Tony… never mind.

And so the days flew randomly by,

Screenshot-372and it came that time… the time to PARTY!!


Screenshot-386“Yes!! Pierce me baby”

Hey kid that’s my line!!

Screenshot-387Nway, Antone (that’s his name… phew, remembered) grew up. And we skip right to the candles blowing part. He was becoming a teenager, although it shows three candles but that’s because these people at EA don’t know math, but you never heard this from Ivan. Go it?

*blew my mind. That it did.*

Screenshot-393Antone grew up so handsomely,

Screenshot-394A father couldn’t be more proud.

Hey you slut that’s your son!! Stop it.

Screenshot-411Okay enough with the free Antone propaganda.

Screenshot-398It’s time for me!

“Kid get away from me, your crashing my moment!”

Screenshot-413“Let’s make memory of this day.”

Screenshot-418And so it ended the first part of the end… let’s not get sentimental now.

Screenshot-422“Son. I must speak with you.”

Screenshot-424“You have to understand this once and for all…”

Screenshot-423“Puzzle is NOT REAL. Got that?!”

“Right. Got it.”

And with that came time for my Rocco to grow up… yep! I told you we would be skipping lots of crap…

Screenshot-432That standing next to my kiddo is Kitty, his mother… she was once beautiful. Trust me.

Screenshot-441I. Have. No. Words. I… okay, okay, so my son grew up. Never mind that red-polka dot-piece of… mhm, very distracting.

Screenshot-442That’s my boy!!

*Gasp. Intervention*

Screenshot-450*much better.*

Later that day,

Screenshot-453Me: “Comere and pierce me”

Guy on the left with Korean hair-style: …

Screenshot-454Aurora: “I will pierce the hell out of you.”

Me: “Yes piercing Goddess.”

Guy on the left with Korean hair-style: … …

Screenshot-456Aurora: “I will pierce you down until there is no more room for holes in your body.”

Me: “Yes. Pierce me, pierce me!!”

Guy on the left with Korean hair-style: … … …

Days later,

I don’t think Rocco believed me when I told him once and for all that Puzzle was not real. He got obsessed with proving me wrong.

Screenshot-476He worked on a formula day and night.

Screenshot-478“I will succeed!!!”

Screenshot-477Puzzle: “Perhaps this isn’t such a good idea.”

Screenshot-479“No shit!!”

Screenshot-482Day and night he worked not letting anything else stop him.


Screenshot-487He was determined to get Puzzle’s heart.

Screenshot-488Thinking he was real, but we all know he isn’t.

Rocco is clearly insane.

Screenshot-498“And there is clearly more than one crazy nut in this house.”

Screenshot-506Even under the rain he continued working.


Screenshot-509As a father it pained me to see him this lost.

Screenshot-507“As a brother, I don’t give a shit. “

Days later, something finally happened.

Screenshot-510“Puzzle drink this. I have finally made it!”




Puzzle: “It’s me cocco. Puzzle. Now we can ‘really’ be together.”

Rocco: “Yes. As friends. Always.”

*this is the moment I went to smash my head against a wall. No babies for gen 2…*

Screenshot-517And that put and end to the Puzzle incident. Sorry Rocco, we got better shit to take care of.

Screenshot-519And that is the second part of the end of this random legacy… which is getting on my nerves!! End already.

You wanted to narrate.

Did I heard something?


ScreenshotSo the woman moved us to another lot. Apparently something about taking advantage of the random dice order… something, something… have no clue. But I like the house.

*I will explain this when I can actually say something… taps her fingers on the desk*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And my Rocco was slowly forgetting puzzle. Hey! Like the Rolling Stones say: “You can’t always get what you want…”

Screenshot-13 (2)“Will you marry me?”

Rocco that’s too quick!

Screenshot-14 (2)“Here are some flowers.”

Quick recovery son. Good job.

Screenshot-15 (2)“You look like hot pepper, and I just found you on my mix salad.”

Rocco where did you learn such a great line? You must teach your old man.

*triple face-palm.*

Having accomplished most of my rules, I had one left.

Screenshot-27Cooking something for my kids; I had for Rocco but not for Antone.

Screenshot-29Rocco kept practicing music with the guitar now.

Screenshot-28And Antone kept counting his pennies.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*giving $ 100 to those who understood this*

Screenshot-48The days flew by once more… Hey!! What the hell do you want? I’m trying to cut as much shit as possible.






Screenshot-30“Hello? Yes Speaking.”

Screenshot-32“Work? I don’t know what that is anymore.”

Screenshot-34Okay so I was trying to play cool, but I needed to get some work done or else.

Meanwhile Rocco was putting his moves on — whoever she is.

Screenshot-45“Yuna your beauty is bewitching.”


“I’m a witch.”

Screenshot-38“I guess that answers that.”

Back at the job…

Screenshot-48I can put this shit together.

Screenshot-49Whoever said snow was not a form of art?

Screenshot-54“I digress…”

Screenshot-92Rocco got a job at the film studio.

Screenshot-93He plays the guitar for tips.

Screenshot-95And Antone keeps doing… nothing really.

Some shots of the house during sunset. Just because…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I kept working on my recipes.



Screenshot-128“I’m going to eat this and hope I don’t die.”

Screenshot-108Dad I got this part of the story…

Okay, so I made it alive after eating that thing. Always happy to help dad fulfill his goals. Now for the best part of this story. The part I grow up and make everyone fall for me.

Screenshot-147Wait for it…

Screenshot-150Wait… its coming.



What? You thought I was kidding?

So after my birthday I’m supposed to move out of this house … can’t effing wait!! But first, dad wanted me to leave with a girl. So he took us hunting.

Screenshot-167While he was trying to be a DJ…

We – brothers – were spotting bitches.

Screenshot-168Or more like, I was spotting bitches.

Boris from the DJ booth somewhere not in this picture: “HEY!! That’s your brother’s girl.”


Girl with scarf: I don’t like your cheerful face.

Antone: And I don’t like grumpy bitches.

Screenshot-174Later we found dad stripped naked on the pool.

Screenshot-176And that puts and end to the most amazing part of this stupid story.

Screenshot-62Now. I take back over!! It is time for someone’s birthday… and no, I don’t mean my kids.

Screenshot-182Apparently I’m turning five years old. Giving the turn of events I don’t mind it that much.

Screenshot-183“I wish for hot piercing mommas.”

Screenshot-185What can I say. I’m a simple man.


Screenshot-189Well I didn’t turn out that bad… right?

Screenshot-191WOMAN!!! I look like a hag!! INTERVENTION!

Randominov Legacy Generation One ends here guys! Phew. It was a big chapter to put together and I could have done it in three or four, but I wanted to make it a special for the new year since I have not updated on this legacy for so long.

There is more to come on the second generation. But for now, please enjoy the few pictures left. ❤






We will miss you Boris-boo.

GENERATION 2 — Coming this summer

8 thoughts on “The Randominov Legacy 1.10 – End of Generation One

  1. “I’m turning 5 years old” LMAO! I never paid much attention to the candles on the cake. That was too funny. I’m gonna miss Boris and his silliness. Rocco and the other one turned out nice looking. I had a good laugh at the ken doll werewolf at the festival lol.


    • Hahaha yes that was creepy when I saw that werewolf naked. But it all fits this crazy world.
      Well, Boris comes out on the second generation. Can’t stay away from the camera for too long… hahaha. Thanks for reading and commenting Nay. 🙂


      • Well it was random and all LOL I haven’t a ken doll in my game ever. I can’t play without the man parts LOL It’s been that way since sims 2. I forgot to ask, how do you make a slideshow? The new house looks very nice. Did you build it?


      • No I didn’t build it completely. It’s the last house on the right side of the pier in Lucky Palms. If you take a look at it, and compare it to mine, what I did was add some modern windows and open the back to a balcony, I think.
        For the slideshow, once in the menu where you add images, you will see on the side that it gives you a choice for a gallery. Click on it, then it will let you select the pictures you which to compile into a gallery, then you click create gallery (or continue, whatever the key says I forgot lol) and the second step will be to select how you want your gallery to look, there you can select slideshow among other things. It will be on a small menu on the right side. ^^
        Well I still haven’t venture to the other side of that, where I can add a real looking penis to my sim. I did go to the site you told me and I saw what they have, but I’m not sure yet LOL. So yeah, my sims are Kens. LMBO.


  2. Hi! It seems I’ve caught up on this legacy just in time for generation 2. I’m enjoying it so far, it’s so awesomely insane, LOL. Randominov is such a cool family name, btw :D.

    I loved Boris’s cooking lessons, that was my favourite part of the chapter.


    • Hi Marta!

      Well, the plan was to update on another family for a bit, and then come back with the Randominovs gen 2. But now I’m not too sure of what to do… either way you sure are in time. 😉

      I try to stick with the “random” theme of the challenge, sometimes I think is a bit too random to be enjoyed, didn’t think anyone would like the cooking class because of that exactly. But glad you did. ❤


    • Yeah that would have made for a nice update on that story, sadly I have no clue what happened? Was I in too much of a hurry to send him to another lot since he cannot stay in the same lot because of the rules? Or was it because I wanted Rocco to finally meet someone so we could start getting somewhere sooner on generation two?
      Either way, Puzzle was discarded as soon as it became real. Too sad.


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