1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Two (2nd Part)

I guess I have to put this here: WARNING! This story contains strong language and violence… and, andย  — and sex. :3

Note from the author: Continuing chapter two. I hope you guys are liking the story; I have taken time to put lots of details in the pictures that are not said in dialogue, there are some images that should speak for themselves. I hope this effect is actually working. I would love to read some feedback on it so I may improve where it’s needed.
If you are confused by the strange style of story telling read this GUIDE first.
Thank you all! ๐Ÿ™‚


Screenshot-4Little by little


Screenshot-5 everyone came to fit in my box.

ScreenshotFor many years it was dad; not mother, because she never cared to know me.

Screenshot-5Later came Max, he fitted in my box as well, even though back then I thought our lives were very different.

Screenshot-7For a while it was just them, and me.

Screenshot-8Then came Jensen. And later…

See my box,


Screenshot-9it never wavered;

Screenshot-16it didn’t crumble,

Screenshot-24nor it sank,

Screenshot-22nor it flew away.

Screenshot-20These things never happened to my box, until one day they did.

Screenshot-25My box was knocked down.

Screenshot-27ย  My box was not made with truth, but with the wish and hope for love.

Screenshot-10 “Uh? Someone’s scream!”






Screenshot-21“Wanna see what your insides look like?”


Screenshot-24No body wants to lose what they have, not even if it’s happening right before there eyes.


Screenshot-25But like the turning of times, it’s inevitable.

Screenshot-26Grandma was wrong,

Screenshot-36“I need your help.”

“Holly FUCK! You’re hurt?”


Screenshot-38“I’m calling the cops.”

Screenshot-32“I won’t be a part of this–“


Screenshot-39“I’m asking you to safe my life!”

Screenshot-37“Get inside.”

Screenshot-41there aren’t just two kinds of people. There are those who when facing their reality, choose to believe in it.

Screenshot-45“Think of someone you can trust -“


Screenshot-44“I don’t like my aunt. I couldn’t care less who her friends are and what they do. But there is someone I must protect, and I won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes for that. Still, you seemed to be out of it before, I’ll let it go… this time. Come in front of me again, or Tommy for that matter, and I swear… I’ll kill you.

Screenshot-46“Get out of here!”

Screenshot-47Is there even a difference between these kind of people? Those who seek and never find; those who have the truth but choose to not believe in it, and those who wake up to reality eventually.

Screenshot-48There isn’t the slightest difference.

Screenshot-3There aren’t any kind of benefits for those who can see,

Screenshot-2no reward awaits the seekers;

Screenshot-4no mercy is given, just the same reality for all.

Screenshot-6You are born, you live, and then you die, just the same.

Screenshot-49There isn’t another way of doing things.


Screenshot-8Unless, of course,


Screenshot-10you cross over to the other side.

Screenshot-12Then everything changes.

Screenshot-14“Jesus Lord!! You scared the shit out of me.”

Screenshot-15“Careful. God andย shit in the same sentence? That’s not looking good for you.”



Screenshot-6“Shit! You okay?”

Screenshot-3“Does it look like I’m okay?”

Screenshot-7“Let me help you–“

“No. I can get up on my own.”

Screenshot-8“Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Screenshot-9“No hospitals.”

Screenshot-13“To your house?”

Screenshot-10“No. Not there. Please.”

Screenshot-14“Look; I wouldn’t have come here…

Screenshot-16 “… if I could go to either of those places.”

Screenshot-18“Point taken.”


Screenshot-41“Think of someone you can trust…”


Screenshot-54“Let’s go. I know just the place.”

Screenshot-76“Jou, I never said it would be easy.

Screenshot-77“I think… did I say that? It sounds like something I would say.”

Screenshot-22“I just didn’t expect him not to know me I guess. I don’t know. I must really be nuts.”

Screenshot-22“That you are. Won’t argue.”


“Considering Jensen has no clue of what’s really happening, he is right to think you’re nuts.

Screenshot-23“You got lucky he had his hands full with that kid.”

Screenshot-24“It’s just that…”


Screenshot-29“The Jensen I know is happier, he is softer. He listens. He didn’t even let me explain anything. He jumped to all sorts of conclusions…

Screenshot-26“it was a mess.”

Screenshot-33“Well; sex changes a man’s life. You’ll be surprise!”

Screenshot-16“I’m serious Ji!”

“I am too.”

“This isn’t about sex.”

Screenshot-27“I know.”

Screenshot-29“There must be something you can throw at him that will reel him in?”


Screenshot-30“Yeah. Like, tell him something about himself that he would love to hear. I’m sure at this moment in his life when everything is shit he doesn’t care to know about the future.

Screenshot“But, if you say something about the present, then maybe…”

Screenshot-31“You have a point there.”

“Preferably if it involves sex.”


Screenshot-60“What? The kid is eighteen, cut him some slack.”

“This isn’t about sex.”

Screenshot-66“I know… I know.”

Screenshot-64“Well, as much as I love to discuss Jensen Tomo’s present and future…”

Screenshot-17Yeah right you wouldn’t even be helping me had I not threaten to reveal your true identity. You devil.

Screenshot-48“… I have a class to teach tomorrow. Those kids are insane. I can’t understand how anyone would want to be a teacher. I hate it.”

Screenshot-27“Okay I won’t keep you any longer.”

Screenshot-56“Oh. That is very kind of you considering you have kept me till this point.

Screenshot-58“And please do not linger by my bed? It gives me nightmares and…

Screenshot-41“…and its creepy.”

Screenshot-32“I have no where else to go.”

Screenshot-68“You have plenty of work to do, and very little time.

Screenshot-24“Let me remind you that you’re–“

Screenshot-33“Yes I know. Dead.”

Screenshot-36“Almost. Almost dead.”

Screenshot-61“Clock is ticking.”


I have used items from these creators (not a complete list sorry. You can find some of them linked on my page “Credits”):

  • simswhen
  • April
  • GrannyZaza
  • Lunasims
  • Pralinesims
  • Zhi
  • Peacemaker ic
  • psycho
  • JS sims
  • I Like The Sims
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  • Kaleido
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  • Aikea Guniea
  • yunghsiao
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  • simply kitsch

14 thoughts on “1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Two (2nd Part)

  1. Pingback: 1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Two | Thornheartssims

    • Thank you as always for reading my stories and commenting. โค

      I love Elias. You will see how awesome he is, aside from the fact that he deals some shady business… but, can't be perfect. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And well, Ji… he is very attractive, but he also is a good man. One of those really good guys… can't wait to reveal more about him. ^ ^


    • Oh janee forgot to tell you, the goggles I got them from simple kitsch which reminds me I have to add this creator to the list.
      The piercings, some are from psycho, and the other chain from ear to mouth I cant quite remember. Sorry about that. :/


  2. Wow, this is fascinating! I was so wrapped up in your pics and narration I literally got lost. <—-Did that sound too weird?

    I can't wait to read how everything unfolds and see how present (or past) and future are linked together.

    Great update, I loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. There was a Brazilian writer, Clarice Lispector, who said “Nรฃo se preocupe em entender. Viver ultrapassa todo entendimento” — that I would translate as “Don’t worry about understanding. Living goes beyond all understanding.”

    And this is my feeling about your story. Beautiful pictures, mysterious characters, a very tenous membrane between past, present and future — I really enjoy it and can just go on reading!


    • Aww that is so sweet of you. Thank you.
      I will update on a new chapter in January. With all your encouranging comments I’m very much inspired.
      Also, you brought up some points early in the story, like Jensen’s mile sexual attraction to his aunt because she is the closest woman to him, so far, and he is a virgin teen.
      The good thing about it all is that there will be 5 more stories connecting all the major plots together.


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