1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Two

I guess I have to put this here: WARNING! This story contains strong language and violence.

Note from the author: Hello guys!! I’m so happy to finally update on this story. So sad I haven’t updated on the other ones yet… wish for Xmas is to have more time for my sims. Hope it comes true. Also I did wanted to have all the pictures of a chapter together in one post, but I kind started braking the chapter in two and I’m now tempted to continue with that. However, I’ll be posting the second part to this one tomorrow.
If you are confused by the strange style of story telling read this GUIDE first.
Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chapter ONE


94“Well, hello there handsome!”




Almost Dead

Screenshot“Who are you?”

Screenshot-17“I’m Jourdan.

Screenshot-18“But just call me Jou.”

Screenshot-47“Well, ‘just Jou’… how did you get in here?”

Screenshot-19“That’s a bit… hmmm… how to put it?”

Screenshot-54“Wait, wait, wait. WAIT… I get it.”

Screenshot-65“You do?”

“My aunt…”

Screenshot-52“Sorry, but I’m just not interested.”

Screenshot-66“But I haven’t even started yet.”

Screenshot-8“And please, let’s keep it that way.”

Screenshot-67“Look I have come to…”

Screenshot-13“Don’t want to know lady.”

Screenshot-53“Don’t mean to be rude but, move out my way.”

Screenshot-64“I have to tell you something, you will understand, just try me…”

“Eeh?? I’m sure others have, but not me. Leave.”

Screenshot-75“No seriously, listen…”

Screenshot-72“No ‘SERIOUSLY’ leave!!”

Screenshot-74“Would you please stay put?”

Screenshot-73“Hell NO!”

Screenshot-2“Stay right there lady.”

Screenshot“I’m gonna getcha!”

Screenshot-3“Hey! Stop running Jensen.”

Screenshot-4“Get the fuck out!! I’m calling the cops you crazy hoe.”

Screenshot-5“Stop running, you’re going to trip and fall.”





Screenshot-12“Ha! Now I’ve got you.”

Screenshot-17“Look, I only…”

Screenshot-20“No. No. No. Nooooo. I’m a virgin!”


Screenshot-20“I don’t want sex like this. Not with you.”

Screenshot-29“HA HA…”

Screenshot-96“I get it.”

Screenshot-97“Sex uh?”

Screenshot-8“Glad you understand. Now; my aunt is probably wondering where you are. Why don’t you leave? Don’t worry. I won’t tell her anything.”

Screenshot-95“HA HA HA”

Screenshot-2“Who am I kidding? She might even force me to sleep with you if you paid her.”

Screenshot-21“You’re hilarious.”

Screenshot-32“Sorry HAHA… I just…”

Screenshot-93“HA HA HA”


Screenshot-27“Great. You’re having a blast. Awesome.”

Screenshot-26“Now please…leave.”

Screenshot-94“HA HA HA”

Screenshot-13“Get out of my room!”

Screenshot-22“This isn’t about sex silly.”



Screenshot-28“Look; we can’t have sex even if one of us wanted it… or both. Not that I do. Well… technically we could if I were to find someone suited for the transition.”


Screenshot-20“Never mind that. This isn’t about sex. Get it?”

Screenshot-77“Oh Jesus.”


Screenshot-81“Oh Jesus”

“Why? Stop being so sensitive.”

Screenshot-78“What is this then? What is it you want?”

Screenshot-44“Jensen, look,

Screenshot-39“I’m not your aunt’s friend… or anything else. Nothing that has to do with her. I’m here for you.

Screenshot-52“I came from the future. To help you from yourself.”


Screenshot-101“Crazy bitch.”


Screenshot-100“I messed this up!”


Screenshot-125“Kiddo! What are you doing up? Did you finished your homework?”

Screenshot-134“What was going on outside? I heard a woman’s voice.”

“Nothing to worry about. I took care of it. More importantly… your homework.”

Screenshot-130“I finished it. Don’t you have to go the bookstore?”

“I’m not going anymore tonight. Let’s go upstairs before they start coming.”

Screenshot-131“Don’t worry, mom won’t be working tonight either.”

“How do you know?”

“Julian called. His coming over.”

Screenshot-132“Read me a bed time story?”

Screenshot-133“Okay let’s go. I’ll read you a good one.”

Screenshot-129“Wait for me upstairs. I’ll get us some hot milk.”

Screenshot-135“That bastard.”


Screenshot-104I have failed.

Screenshot-103I have completely failed.

“If I could tell you everything, would you believe me?

Screenshot-105“Would you Jensen…?”

Screenshot-106“A total failure.”

And it has nothing to do with the experiment. In fact, the machine is the only thing in my life that did not failed me.


Well, the machine and Jensen.

Screenshot-112Oh my God! Julian!!


Screenshot-111I always heard there were two kinds of people in this world.

Screenshot-114 Those who seek the truth,

Screenshot-119and can’t never find it. And those who know the truth,

Screenshot-121and refuse to believe in it.


Screenshot-118I lived in this box.


It was a small box but it was my home. It had everything I ever wanted. And if if it was too big to fit in it, then I would make it smaller.

Screenshot-140Nothing was ever too much, and nothing was ever too little.

Screenshot-137And life was grand. And everything that would come to fit into my box was grand.

Screenshot-139Everything and everyone.


12 thoughts on “1st Degree: Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan – Chapter Two

  1. Hi! I read this story a while back, and I was very happy this morning to see you had updated it, I really like it! It’s great how your pics practically tell the whole story :D.

    And now, this mysterious ‘just Jou’ LOL has me wondering… Those few last lines were beautiful <3, by the way.

    Looking forward for more!


  2. โ€œNo. No. No. Nooooo. Iโ€™m a virgin!โ€ <– This part made me crack up so hard! xD I love him! Gah, everything about this is so damn pretty. The bedroom, the house…even the garden! I want to live there.


  3. It’s surprising that, unlike other teens who think only about sex, Jensen was actually concerned about being sexually explored by his aunt. That’s deep and bring another dimension to his character. While he seems so caring with little Tommy.

    I already like Jensen a lot, and wish to understand better who the Jou woman is, and that Julian charmer… Did he actually walk ‘through’ her?


    • I think is more of metaphoric way of saying he doesn’t make choices that will lead him through a path of happiness and so she wants him to lead him the opposite way so he can be happy. I know is hard to understand things as there is no descriptive prose. But all questions will be answered. I do keep a notebook with everything that might make the reader question or doubt, and I try to answer it at later events in the story.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Girl, I hear you. I keep a notebook, too. lol And I get cranky if anyone in my family asks me for a piece of paper. haha I’m like, “No, I need this!” ๐Ÿ˜€


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