Maxwell Dunn

Alright, here is Maxwell Dunn for download as requested by comrock. Of course, everybody is welcome to have him. All CC is included; hair is from EA. ^ ^

Thank you comrock for requesting Maxwell boy, he is the biggest hero in Erika’s world and a kind and reliable friend to the rest of the gang.


He loves rock and tiny cute girls, maybe him hooking up with Erika Lee wouldn’t surprise you much then… he is very protective of her, a bit controlling at times I would say, but he means well.

LoveMaxwell is the lead guitarist in the band: “The Unforgiven”

His traits are: Heavy sleeper; daredevil (figures why he needs the sleep); computer wiz (nothing better than a geek rocker ^ ^ ); great kisser (don’t melt yet); good sense of humor (okay you are allowed to fall in love).

Does he have any relation to Jourdan Dunn? Well… read the story :p

On another note, I will be posting the first chapter for this story Sunday 7; Maxwell being the first official post related to the 6 Degrees in the month of September. He opens up the way… he leads… he is Maxwell Dunn.


4 thoughts on “Maxwell Dunn

  1. I took a double take on the name. I was like “wait, did I request something without even realising I requested it?” and then I realised it wasn’t my name. Lol. And HOLY BEJESUS THE SIM REMINDS ME OF SIMON FROM THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. It’s like, exactly him it’s so creepy.


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