The Randominov Legacy 1.9

Note from the author: Another update! So Soon!! AGAIN!!


In this update with the Randominovs we get to see a lot, a lot, a lot of… aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Just stay tune!!

  • Objectives for this update: To have coco finally give up on Puzzle. Who? Yeah the imaginary friend.
  • Obstacles: Puzzle is actually REAL. :O

RECAPS!! They are never enough…


“You are grounded. Go grow roots”

Coco got scolded lots last chapter. Poor baby.



Because I didn’t even noticed he was growing up.


“You are seriously grounded. Go sprout something.”

Meh. Lame jokes. Teehee.


Ira paid us a visit, but he left to get his camera. Pft.

Alright, now for the update,

Boris, mah love… what’s going on today in your world?


Did you check out my oppa gangnam style moves? I’m freaking awesome.

*and he says it with that face*

We continue, the next day I had Ivan practice some more of his cooking he needs to cook his kid their favorite meal and then we can scratch that off the list of things to accomplish.


Unfortunately I have no clue where the picture with prove of his toasts looking like burn tires is… maybe he hid it. 

Days went by and I was grateful because spring in Lucky Palms is just a bunch of rain and snow in one effing day. WTH?


ah summer is here! And more rain.

Now that we have broken the ice with a weather segment, lets move on to more succulent situations. For example, how Boris is incapable of throwing a decent party!!


When did Ivan turned so dull?

I have no clue girl. Pft.


The party has just started. But, where is everyone?

Man with tattoos in background: Ivan? Who the hell is hat?


What? Who am I? Pft. I’ll show you who I am!! You will suffer!!


Take that!!

Ivan I think he actually enjoys it.


Oh no. Here we go.

Glowing lady: Ivan. My love. I have never met you before but I cannot live without you another second.


Back off lady. I love Aurora.

Fairy: I wonder if this has sweet nectar.

Uh. Yeah. Nectar. Hehehe.

Random secs later,


Ira in bed. Naked. With teddy-bears. Bawhahaha…haha…ha.



Lady in the blue dress: This party sucks.

Meanwhile Ivan is getting hammered.



I said it was nectar alright.


And now old hag in the sailor swim-suit, who’s next? 


No one I care about. I’m getting outta here.

And go where?


To have some fun. You should know.

Yes I should. But something tells me it isn’t going to work this time. Plus… argh. Never mind. Do what you will.


“Gather all my subjugates! Let us forget the times of boredom, and rejoice in the pleasures a night like this has to offer.”

WTH? And are you taking lines from your child now BORIS? tsk. tsk.

Shut up. Is working.


“The nectar of the fountain of youth shall be hours.”


“We shall conquer the night, and be forever young.”

Glowing lady in background: Oh shit. Our secret is out.


Damn it. I have no effing clue what’s going on.


Lady with glasses on the offense: I shall battle for my rights to a bed!


Old man: I shall steal it while you keep fighting for it.


Everyone: Praise our Lord Randominov.

Is everyone under the influence or what? I shall go and hit my head with a hammer.


Twenty-five. Fifty. Seventy-five. A dollar.


I’m effing broke.

A few days later,


“Rocco, you’re off the hook.”

“Dad. I’m sorry. Don’t punish me again. Please.”


“If you stop talking to the air and calling it Puzzle I won’t be upset with you anymore. It all starts from there.”

“I promise I won’t talk to the air and call it Puzzle dad.”

“Then it’s settled.”


I’m such a cool dad.

*And he says it with that face*


“I only promised not to talk to the air and call it Puzzle. So I’m not really braking my promise.”


“I missed you coco.”

“Aww I missed you too Puzzle.”

Oh. Brother…


“Take that.”

“No you take that.”

*Love. Pillows. Pain.*


“Hey Puzzle do you know what kissing is like?”


“I don’t know. Is it like a cute gazelle?”


Oh my LORD!! Coco…. *sigh*


What is going on? I hear noises outside.

Oh Boris. Nothing is happening. Coco is not talking to the air.


“Is so hot right now. I hate summer.”


Cocooo! He shall feel my wrath!!!!!!

No. No. No. I refuse to show such pictures here!!

Better. Why not forget all this happened and enjoy summer?


You should know coco is punished. AGAIN.

And yet you are going out to the pool?

What? It is not a big deal.

Sure. Nothing like clear water full of chlorine, tropical drinks with small paper umbrellas on sunny days to ensure your kid gets the meaning of a good scolding.


Coco you don’t have to sneak out. Your dad’s idea of “grounded” just went to a whole new level.

At the pool…


That better be bird poop, because it sure looks like something else even more disgusting.



Yay for family fun!!

Attention people: we got cupcakes at the pool. Peach, orange, and banana.



The kids (all three) were having fun at the pool, playing silly games and splashing each other with… water. Thanked God it wasn’t “bird poop” Then Boris noticed Aurora. Family fun officially ruined. 


I better go and say hello. I might get lucky tonight.

Yeah. Why not. Abandon your kids for a woman. It happens all the time.


“Oh Ivan. I have missed this side of you.”

That was quick. Shoo!


“Why don’t we take this to the hot-tub?”

Yeah. Sure. The hot-tub. Go bubble yourself up around all these kids and families. No biggie.


Dad. Please. No more kids. Spare us.



Damn I thought she meant… ugh. Aurora is so misleading.

What do you expect? You are out in the local pool. Full of kids around you. Get some sense into you… okay, I thought the same, but never mind that.

Another night of misleading intentions happened, and something else happened too…


“Damn Aurora what happened to you?”

“What, you don’t like my new look?”

“It’s not that… it’s just that…”


“Damn. Come here. Pierce me. Pierce me.”


“Aww you are so cute when you are horny.”

*face palm.*


“Come here. I’ll pierce you all you want.”

Kid in background: Let the show begin.


“Ivan Randominov!”

Girl in bikini: Bawhahaha, moose knuckle kid. Moose Knuckle.

Lady in green shirt: Oh. Shit. Kitty Price. Things will get interesting.



“How dare you cheat on me with this bimbo.”

“But Kitty. I thought we were clear about our relationship. There is nothing between us.”


“What’s wrong with you Kitty? You got senile?”

Aurora in background: Busted.


“You are calling me old?? IVAN RANDOMINOV!! You… ugh.”

“Kitty please. This is embarrassing. I thought we were cool.”

“We. Are. Not cool. I’m boiling with anger. How the hell did this happened?”

Aurora in background: tada-da-da.


“Hey that’s enough. Me and you were never an item. NEVER.”

“What? Outrageous!!”

Aurora in background: is it over yet?


“Hmph. I never want to see you again.”

“Please do me that favor.”

Aurora in background: shall we continue?


“kitty Price! O.M.G. Can I get your autograph.”

“Sure thing dear. Here. And come to my party. I sure would like to see those piercing mountains amidst my teddy-bears.”


And days later,


Hey I’m getting a call from my manager. I love this guy. Wonder what it is.


“Hello Lucas! What a surprise…”

Lucas on the phone: “GET YOUR BUTT TO WORK!!!!”


“Okay. But you didn’t have to scream. Jeez.”


I hate managers.


So I sent Ivan to the gallery. See what he can do. Apparently all he needs to do is appraise some artworks.


What followed was a bunch of… I better leave this to your imagination…





I better get something to drink before I dry up. Terrible. Terrible artwork.

I think this is the first time we agree on something.


Hey Boris there is a lady staring at you from across the room.


Oh but if it isn’t… uh, forgot her name. Girl from first year in University. Or was it second? Wait was she this big? Damn I thought she was fine back then… could I be mistaken? Maybe is not her…

*face palm*


Brace yourself.


This shit is about  to get real.

And we waited this long…


“Let me suck on those juicy lips.”



“Never mind my lips. Come closer Ivan.”

Never saw that one coming… I was being sarcastic!


“It’s been so long.”

“Where have you been all these time?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“Don’t need to say more…”


I’m ending this chapter here, to build up momentum… blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Up next:



Thank you for reading guys

❤ Becca


4 thoughts on “The Randominov Legacy 1.9

  1. Sorry my comment is so late! I keep forgetting to check WordPress between updates because I suck. That title image is pretty gorgeous, btw.

    I appreciate lame jokes. ;D

    ‘Aira in bed. Naked. With teddy-bears. Bawhahaha…haha…ha.’ <– BORIS' face in that shot is something that I will never forget.

    fsfgks he is still very attractive though. Ngggh. ❤

    Holy crap I love that he is giving a motivational speech whilst surrounded by empty oil drums ON FIRE. That is too insanely epic.

    I sure hope that is bird poop. Ew.

    “Damn. Come here. Pierce me. Pierce me.” <- HOLY FUCKING LOL


    • I think the pierce me, pierce me, joke is particularly one of the lamest one, yet it is one of my favorites. The only thing I can think of when I see such enormous breast on a sim is of the possibility of poor Ivan having two wholes… of course in Ivan’s mind that isn’t a problem. LOL.

      Janee you dont need to be sorry, it’s totally understandable, specially from readers. I know you read the chapters, and I have to admit, I do wait for your comments, see what made you laugh and so on… thank you for commenting. 😀

      I will upload Ivan for download after two more chapters. 😉


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