The Randominov Legeacy 1.5


And we come back once more to another moment with BORIS.

For those just meeting Ivan for the first time, if you wish to catch up you can start by clicking the Random Challenge link under my Challanges/Stories page up there.

Alright now,

  • Objectives of today’s update: Make Ivan love his child. I had nightmares after looking at Ivan the last time. His face…blrrrr. I want to force him to love his kid. Is that a crime?
  • Obstacle: Yeah, well… the kid.

Before recapping I want to add I forgot to give you guys the name of the baby last chapter, and also his two traits.

Well, his name is Rocco (because there weren’t anymore Russian names I could think of) nah, truth is Rocco is a very special name to me. And Rocco’s traits are: Good, and … wait for this one later. I forgot.

Recap of the last update:

There was a lot of this,


a LOT.

Oh, and yeah. Also there was this here,


But then we had the baby! Hooray!


Oh sorry. Wrong picture. That’s Ivan after baby.


This is the baby. Not that you were expecting something different.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alright so now for the update; Oh that’s right:

Not for children


Okay, now that that is clear, let’s move on:

So I say to Ivan: Ivan. The first thing you need to do is feed your baby. Then rub his back a bit so that he might release any potent gas (No. Nothing chemical) Then cuddle him to sleep. Oh and also if he is wet, he needs a dipper change. Easy-peasy… Eer, only in the sims kids. Oh. That’s right. Kids aren’t supposed to be reading this. Pft.

Boris is pretty smart when he is not dealing with History questions. We’ll see how well he does with this baby business.

Not too bad. He fed the kid.

2See ma Boris? Is not so bad. Little one is drinking milk. Awww

He is sucking the light out of the bottle.

You mean metaphorically speaking.


If he continues like this, what am I going to do about money? I think I could cry right now. Literally.

No. That is also a metaphor. EA dodn’t charge for baby formulas.

Let me know when the English/EA lecture is over. I need to know what to do next.

Like I said. Baby needs sleep. How about that?


Ivan did as he was told. That was a bit scary.

The next morning came fast,


I was taking in the scenery when I noticed something peculiar,


Ivan by the neighbor’s dumpster.


What can he possibly be doing there this early in the morning.

Ivan what are you doing?


Uh? Oh. Nothin’. Baby’s fine. He really is okay. For realz.

Hey, what’s up with the slangish words?

Nothin’. I ain’t nervous or anythin’.

OMG. I hope you are not doing what I think you are doing.

And what might that be?

Putting the baby in the neighbor’s dumpster?

Ha, ha ha. Aaaah. Ha, ha. No.


Let’s move on for the sake of keeping a legacy going. I noticed Ivan needed to feel hopeful that his future will not only be stinky dippers and shirts stained with something or other which at this point I refuse to think about.

He needed Aurora. So I brought her over. And immediately this happened,



“Oh I missed you so much Aurora.”

“I missed you too. But why does your hand smell of ducky?”



“Let’s turn this visit into a love fest.”


I doubt she would want to, with your hand smelling of ducky and all.

Oh no. She wants to. I’m sexy Ivan. Don’t you know?

Sexy Boris sounds much much better.



10.5What did I tell ya?

*sigh* I guess. Think of the second child you need to have Boris.


“Hi there tiger. Don’t make me wait for that steak.”

“Filet Mignon sweetheart. Filet Mignon.”

I think I’m going to be sick.


So Aurora and Ivan had sex , had woohoo, made love . Baby was formed. I’m done with my challenge!! Hooray!

Just kidding. :p


Aurora: I hate babies

Ivan: Nude for me.


Aurora: I hate teddy-bears

Ivan: I love you Aurora. Nude for me.


Aurora: I’ll rather sleep under a bench

Ivan: I’ll give you a diamond ring. Nude for me.

Would Aurora end up with a baby?

Would Ivan get her to nude for him?

Find out in the next installment of: Babies and Teddy-bear Games.

Parent life has it’s ups and down. Right in the middle of the night little Rocco is crying. Ivan couldn’t ignore it being that his house is more like a loft. Muahahahaha…

10But then this happened,

11.1and all hell broke loose from then on.


Yeah, with the toilet. I don’t think I took pictures of all the times the toilet broke during the course of the game, but trust me. It was maddening.

No money to hire a plumber. No worries. I got mad skills.


Yeah. I hope you have “mad skills” to pay your bills on time BORIS.ย  =___=

12And the baby cried again. Hungry.

*Babies. Dippers. Stinky dippers.*


Girl what the hell are you doing half naked. Outside. In the cold. Half pregnant? Maddening.


Apparently the pregnancy is not stopping them. After which she left. Pregnant. Hopefully.

The day of Rocco’s birthday came so soon I had to check my lifespan settings to make sure I had not altered the babies lifespan. Then I realized those first few days were so boring I had no taken many more pics. *sigh*.


Although it was Rocco’s birthday. All the guests were smitten with that orange looking lady ^ there. Ivan would not have any of that.


I really have no idea what Ivan is thinking. Other than elaborating a rebellious prank on her for taking Rocco’s spotlight.

Oh and Kitty aged up. *GASP*


“Oh Hi Ivan Randominov. Want to share some of my nachos?”

Ivan: Abort rebellious plan. Proceed with nude question.



Girl. Pft.

Lady in the back-left: Woohoo. Oh shit I forgot this is a kids party.


Yay Rocco is going to turn into an adorable little thing in just a few secs,



So, so, so cute. Aww.

“I hate you. Grandma.”

Rocco!! Don’t talk like that. And that’s not your grandma. That’s your ma.

“Oh. I hate you ma.”

Oh-kay, let’s move on…


Ivan has to throw the party of the year. Or at least something like the greatest party ever. That is part of his generation challenge.

Yeah. I don’t think this party will be considered THAT.

But everyone had their piece of cake. Then went home.


Damn my back is hurting.

Already Ivan? This is only the beginning.

The next day I brought Aurora back to the house. How dare she leave with MA BABY!! >:


Oh look I’ve got a baby bump.

Where? I don’t see it.


Halloween came. Aurora decides to give out candy half naked. Again.

“Here kid. A zombie for your monster collection.”

“Thank you. What’s your costume supposed to be?”

“Time for bed and Teddy-bear games.”

“Never heard of it.”

Meanwhile Ivan prepares some pancakes. *As per the roll, Ivan’s hobby is Gourmet. Bleh.*



They have a nice coloring to it. Hmm.

Several random secs later,




“Oh shit. My back.”



Ivan: I hope this color is green. I’ll hate to get her dress wrong.

Zombie: What a fine specimen. I’m going to be eating ALL NIGHT.


Zombie: Shit I’m already sleepy.

Ivan: Damn. I knew it was the wrong color.

Oblivious Ivan kept painting. At night. Then,



*I could point out all the things that are wrong in the picture ^ there. But I’ll rather go on with the story.*


“I’m going to eat you. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.”

Paparazzi: “Noooooooooooooooo. I have sinned God, but spare me. Please forgive me. Save me from this monster.”


“Shit my head!!!”

Paparazzi: “Awesome. I can go back to sinning now. Thanks God.”



Okay. Now I see a bump. Small. But I see it.


Zombie: Oh. I had no idea Ivan Randominov was here. And I was wasting time with that sinner.

In the distance,


Is this night crazy random or WHAT???

Later, another zombie…


They all just know where Ivan is. Exactly.

And lo and behold, they both like each other.


Zombie: Ivan Randominov. I love you.

“I like you. But lose the zombie business. Then come back.”


Zombie: UH? I’m a zombie. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

And if that weren’t enough for one fool moon night…



What is that lady doing in Boris’ house you might ask. THIS DAMN GLITCHY GAME!!! Okay calm now.


No one said it would be easy ma Boris.

Several random days later,


Aww. What cuteness. What is wrong Coco?


Damn. He scared the shit out of me.

Okay kid. Chill out.

The next morning,


Oh I see Ivan is taking Rocco out for a stroll. Good.


I’m taking him with me because I can’t leave the kid at home. Alone. I’ve got a protest to lead.


HOLY MOTHER…Aurora left again.ย  =____=


“Free anti-aging antidote. 6pm. City Hall.”

That’s a lot of ants there. BTW what are you trying to do again?

It makes people show up faster.

At 6pm sharp Ivan was leading a rowdy protest. Rocco was left at home with a babysitter whose appearance is a bit questionable.


Oh what am I saying? I wore platinum pleather boots to high school.

Screenshot-188You alright kid. Carry on.

At the protest…


They did pointed out it was a “rowdy protest”


“Take that biache.”

Pst Ivan… that word is not suitable coming from you anymore. You are a daddy.

Oh. Okay.

“Take that bitch.”

Uh…never mind.


“So I say we unite against the leaders of this…”


“…because life is short. And we must live to the fullest…”


“…and your children. Who will protect them? Err… try not to kill each other please. So I say…”


“No more elixirs. No more formulas. No more antidotes. No more. No more.”

Grandpa: “yeah good luck with that one kid.”


I’ll be making the headlines tomorrow!!

Kid on the right: “No more elixirs… oh. Cute doggy.”

Grandpa: “Oh darn it. No more elixirs!!”


And as it has been for a time now, despite the weirdness of the protest, Ivan manages to win the attention of the people.


I did say “people”

Okay Boris time to go back to being a good daddy. You were doing so well…


“Now coco. Think of werewolf’s eating hot-dogs. Or ‘walking’. Or just think of their faces. “


What coco really imagines.

“Yes that’s it. Now push.”

Coco is such a cute little one. I know I have said this like a million times. He is just too…cute. :p



It was time to teach him how to talk,

“Coco, say business man.”

“Random daddy”

“No. Business man.”


“Random business daddy.”

Then to walk,


I must add I felt bad for Ivan. Despite disliking children he was pretty good at taking care of his first born. Alone.


And here we conclude this chapter. Have a wonderful one my friends!


Boris wave bye to the readers!

Damn the readers, I’m sleepy.


Oh lord!








In case you are wondering where was Ira all this time?


Thanks for reading guys!



daddy random


10 thoughts on “The Randominov Legeacy 1.5

  1. I laughed so hard at this. The zombies and all LOL. Rocco is a cutie. Sims that hate kids tend to care for kids better oddly hahaha.


    • It is odd really. Of course I do command Ivan to do things, but sometimes I leave him to see how he responds to his kid and I was surprised to see he did a good job. I’m proud of Ivan hahaha.
      First born are often the ones to get all the attention, I forgot how he did with the second. I have played past that already. But we’ll see when I upload the pics ^.^
      Thanks for the comment Nay ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Celsia hates kids but autonomously taught her twins their skills. Can’t say the same about her aunt Rosette. She really hates kids but did took after Borage’s alien twins when she made a visit. Dodder hates kids and pretty much avoid his son. I wish some zombies would play my sims a visit like they use to.


      • The ones I dislike are the werewolves. I dont like the vampires greenish color, but other than that, Im happy with Supernatural. I should have gotten it sooner. The zombies are a blast, they are too funny. I saw a picture, I think on Borage’s first updates of zombies partying with his mother and sisters LOL.


  2. Rocco is a very cool name.

    The repeated ‘Nude for me’ had me cracking up. I love Boris. xD

    Rocco aged up to be totally adorable! I am glad he inherited Boris’ eyes.

    I have a mod in my game that stops zombies from appearing because I hate them, but you actually make them look kinda fun!

    Lol I love that the babysitter has the same hairstyle as Noelle.

    Such a great update, I was laughing so much!


    • The name was taken from the film Rocco and His Brothers. It’s a very old film, with Alain Delon as lead. The man is gorgeous, or was when he was younger (still, as an old man he is not bad looking). Nway, Rocco is a name I love.
      This kid was so wanted I had to give him the name. LOL.

      Rocco looks a lot like his father, later when he ages up. ^ ^

      To be honest I wasn’t going to add Supernatural to my game because I hate zombies. For the longest time I refused to buy it, until I did. It was one of those things. Well, I thought the zombies would be trying to get inside the house constantly and attacking my sims, and all that. I was wrong. EA zombies are laughable. All they do is growl and pretend they are attacking, but if your sim is doing something else the zombie will just wait until the sim is done. If the sim is never done, the zombie stays idle, growling. It’s really funny. Also they complain about their backs hurting a lot, hahaha.

      Thanks for the comment janee ๐Ÿ™‚


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