The Random Legacy

It’s a CHALLENGE!! Hooray for challenges!! Boooh for bad updates…coming from me because I really suck at improvisation. But I’ll do my best.

I was reading the Swan Legacy and it was really entertaining to see the progress of their legacy while adhering to their challenges, more often than not :p
I want to experience following some rules, see where that leads me…but as it has been my experience before, I never finish my challenges (reason why Mellark Legacy is not one, exactly) because I tend to get bored in the middle. It seems its the mellow point for everything, even life; a well balanced life is so peaceful, we look for drama where there is none. ^^

Here are the rules!
The Random Legacy Challenge Rules

And here is my first roll:

  • Family Structure: Single Parent
  • Number of Childre: 2
  • Primary Income: Art Appraiser
  • Generation Goal: A Party to Remeber
  • Miscellaneous Fun: Gourmet

This WILL be fun, and if nothing else, really, really crazy because I have set my expectations high to win this random legacy first challenge, so Ill go to great lengths to do so. There aren’t any points for this challenge, the aim is for the player to have fun and not worry about competition but I guess the challenge is more with yourself than anything. Okay so for this first roll, meet:


Ivan Randominov

Yep he is from Russia (presumably) and his name is just very random.
Ivan has interesting traits that will either make him or brake him:

  • Commitment issues
  • Dislikes children
  • Artistic
  • Party animal
  • Rebellious

Reason why I picked these traits has a lot to do with his roll, not going to lie, I wanted to help a little but at the same time I gave him the dislike children trait and he has to have 2 kids *sigh* I can already imagine where this one is going. It will be interesting to see him taking care of his off-springs…by force! Muawhahaha.

I already like his expressions of obvious annoyance (forgive the unedited pics, but I lost my link to the photo editing program I use T_T ):



4 thoughts on “The Random Legacy

  1. I like random legacies but I don’t think I could do one. I might try one day with a non Montigo. I wouldn’t post it like my other stories. Maybe I do one with one of Borage’s Alternate life children since he has a handful of them already lol. I have a “No sim left behind” program LOL I must use them all.

    Ivan looks good and has all the fun traits. So this should be fun.


    • Thank you janee. I found this legacy thanks to you hehehe…but glad that you are interested. I dont know when I will post the first update but it will be next week for sure. Since I can just play and post, I can actually post this every week. ๐Ÿ™‚


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