Bad Boy

it’s 4:40 in the morning here, and I should be sleeping since I have to wake up in about 2hrs to go to school  -.-

Instead I was making a sim with the new hair I got from i like the sims!

OH-MY-JEESUS!!! This is the hair I have been hunting for ages, and Cazy (original creator) I have no idea where it is… I tried Ritsuka’s retexture and it didn’t work for some technical reasons… I looked all over – I really love this hair. Well, today I was just wandering about and found it!! Hurried off to create yet my most gorgeous male sim.

But of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! -.^

…. and of course I was listening to this… but blame IMHO for making the “Bad Boy” poses.

Sorry for the spam but I’m really in love with this guy right now :p

 Edmundo Marcel

Rebellious; irresistible; daredevil;

ambitious, and hot-headed (couldn’t resist)


Skin – WEAK (freckle skin)
Eyes – ShojoAngel
Makeup – Pralinesims/Gosik/Psycho (face moles)
Eyebrows — Flinn


Clothing – EA (University/Diesel)




Because hairless men are overrated!

UPDATE — Okay guys so there has been a good update for this file. What was happening was that Edmundo wasn’t downloading into the game through the launcher no matter what. So I decided to upload a fresh file and it still won’t download. I have no idea why. So what I did now is that the file instead of being .sim3Pack is a .sims file. Which means you have to place the file that will read Edmundo1_Marcel.sims on your savedsims folder instead of Mods or Downloads. The rest of the CC is on the mediafire folder, and I included the sliders  😉
Another thing to note is that the freckle skin that Edmundo had originally and the ShojoAngel eyes are no longer on my existing game folder so I added a new skin (also from ephemera) and a new set of eyes. On the download folder I have included the ShojoAngel eyes for your convenience if you prefer those eyes. The freckle skin you will have to find on the ephemera site which is linked above under skin. Thank you, and very sorry for all the trouble.
Please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

21 thoughts on “Bad Boy

  1. Oh my. I saw him in your picture and I just couldn’t resist! Do you mind if I use him in my legacy? I mean, I really want to.
    About the Diesel pack, will those items just be replaced since I don’t own it?


    • I don’t mind at all. Do with him what you wish 😉
      I think the items will be replace with proxy items, if there is anything else that is missing let me know please.

      And thank you for your comment, glad you like him. 🙂


    • Oh and the link to the hair (if you are going to get it) once in the game, it has three different types, one of them is the one that works the other two look funky. I have no idea why, but I do think the creator mentioned it on the post.

      UPDATE— Okay I think you already downloaded him, but just in case if you wish to get all the CC except for the sliders and the EA clothing of course, I have provided another DOWNLOAD link with all of it included: eyes, skin, eyebrows, moles, lipstick, and hair. 🙂


      • Also, when you said what sliders you use, could you tell me which specific ones, if you can remember?
        Because I don’t know if I could download 20+ sliders (as I counted from all the creators you linked to).
        Just if you remember, of course c:


      • Mostly nose sliders, eyes, and lip slider. The body sliders are nice but they are not required to make the sims look the same, the face is more important. Here is what you could get exactly:
        Get all the Ahmad sliders: Brow thickness, chinwidth, all the eyes sliders (3), and the brownthickness.
        From Jasumi, the lip fatness.
        From Whiterider the overlip curve.
        And get the Geomslider for the hermilip, and outer thin lip on top. (I just realized I didnt add this one to the link, so I will add it right now)
        From Jonha is all body sliders, if you don’t have more space I suggest you do without the body sliders because they aren’t as important. However the head size slider from Jonha I use almost in all my sims, I love it.
        If you download the Jonha file, open it, and you can pick which slider you want to use.
        Also since you have MODS, there is a mod that gives you more sliders lots. I use it in my game and the game plays good with it, so its safe to recommend. Its the cmarXCAS mods, which allows you to add more slider mods, and gives you more areas in which to place tattoos for you sims. I will also update the sliders post with a link to that mod. 🙂
        I hope this helped you. 🙂


      • I lost the link where I got this hair from. I have not been active here for almost a year. I just had a baby and have been busy with that. Sorry.
        One of the download files I believe has the individual items, you can get the file for the hair from there. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. Ok thanks for all your help! Hopefully that’s all I bother you with 😉
    I’ll get the sliders and download him finally after procrastinating for so long -.-


  3. Could you quite possibly validate your mediafire account? I’m trying to download him but it says that “The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated”. Or maybe upload him somewhere else? Thanks ^^


  4. Hello,
    This sim is super, but I have a problem, When I install this , He don’t show me in sim creator, and I don’t know what I must do now.


      • Hello Danielscibor321,
        I hope that you were able to download Marcel into your game. If you read the update section on the post you will find an explanation as to what has happened with this sims file.
        To be quite honest, I have no idea why it won’t download properly through the launcher. Only this sims does that. My other sims work fine through the launcher.

        But if you were able to get the .sims file I have provided then I most likely you are enjoying Marcel in your game.

        Thank you for stopping by here, and happy simming!


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