Setra — A Sims 3 World

Oh Lordy’s pancakes!!!

I never learn my lesson do I? I have often tried to play other CC worlds, but never really like something or other. It always seems there is something missing, but this world looks amazing!!

Haha… I hope I do finally like a world that I can have almost all in one; city, dessert, and country side.


Oh! Almost forgot: DOWNLOAD LINK

5 thoughts on “Setra — A Sims 3 World

  1. Have you played in Eltham’s drift? I like that world a lot. Just there’s no space for a festival lot unless you take something down. It’s more of a sleepy town though.


      • Yeah that’s the only thing that sucks, cause it was created before season’s came out. I guess the town isn’t updated but it’s a nice place to run a legacy and stories. I was going to use that world actually but I wanted a festival in my town. It was either dispose the horse stadium for a festival lot, or new town. Haha. But okay, glad you’re checking it out. If that doesnt work you can also go on “Create a World” forums on People advertise ones that they’re working on all the time there!


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