Tradition is a Name — Characters for the Mellark Legacy

If tradition were a name, so it would be the name of the Mellarks.

The first Mellarks to live in Sunset Valley came to the town in the year of 1905, and it was then when they established the first town Hospital: The Mellark Hospital.

The townโ€™s people could not be more thankful, and it was so how the Mellark family came to be of so much fortune and influence within the people of Sunset Valley. They were one of the most respected families in the town. However, respect was not all they had; their lives were source of much gossip and mockery among the people. Their past history had been so deeply rooted in the mind of the townerโ€™s, it had become tradition to discuss their lives and anyone else who thought it was wrong to do so change their minds once they became aware of the minimal piece of information about the life of the Mellarks.

Like so, it had been for more than 100 years, and it was no different now for Camille and her family, the current Mellarks living in Sunset Ville.

But this story is not about how the Mellarks came to be of fame and fortune… yes, I just put you through all that for fun, ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This story will be about Annabelle Mellark, daughter of Riggo and Camille Mellark, granddaughter of Joseph and Sophia Mellar; great-granddaughter off… well, you get the idea! How he life was never the same at the first talk of marriage, and how tradition became more than just a family character in her life.

The characters and some of their strongest traits.

The Mellarks of Sunset Valley:

-click on the pic to enlarge-
Annabelle Mellark

Annabelle Mellark.
21 years old.
Likes animals; doesn’t believe in marriage.
Loves the color green, and wishes to become a writer like her father.

Riggo&Camille Mellark

Riggo Mellark and Camille Mellark (parents of Annabelle)
Riggo is a sweet man to everyone but to his wife.
Camille is a bitter housewife; she strives too hard to please everyone.
Both wish for their daughter’s happiness.

Joseph & Sophia Mellark

Joseph and Sophia Mellark (Annabelle’s grandparents)
“If tradition were name so it would be the name of the Mellarks” right!
And if LOVE were a name it would be the name of Joseph and Sophia.
This is the cutest couple after Hermione and Ron. โค

The Mellarks of Riverview:

Aaron Mellark

Aaron Mellark
23 years old.
Has a passion forย  horses; and his biggest weakness is his little sister Clare
Likes hearing he looks just like his father.
He is family oriented; is always often grumpy, but has a big heart.

Milka Mellark

Milka Mellark (Mother of Aaron)
Became a widow 34; husband died in a car accident.
She is ambitious and very controlling.
Doesn’t get along with her mother in-law.

Jonathan & Patricia Mellark

Jonathan and Patricia Mellark (grandparents of Aaron)
Forget Joseph and Sophia, these two are too cute for words.
Jonathan is a traditionalist, and Patricia loves baking for her grand-kids.

Joshua & Clare Mellark

Joshua and Clare (Aaron’s siblings)
Joshua is 26 years old and is studying science.
His best trait is his big fluffy heart.
Clare is 15 years old; and Aaron’s weakness.
She is high spirited.

Other characters:

Iryna Kulish & Michelle Riz

From left to right: Michelle Riz; Iryna Kulish (best friends of Annabelle [farthest right])
Michelle and Iryna are both 21 years old.
They can be defined with one word each: Michelle=cuteness; Iryna=sassiness

Emely Rose

Emily Rose
22 years old.
Rich snobby girl. Has no friends, and acts all tough.
In reality she is a softy. Oh! and she is infatuated with Aaron.

Alain Leon

Alain Leon (Annabelle’s boyfriend)
23 years old.
Alain is brave, tall, dark and handsome. What else can you ask for?

Denys Kulish

Denys Kulish
17 years old.
Denys is Iryna’s brother.
Very matured for his age.
He is the man of his house, and very protective of the ones he loves.

Martin Jacob

Martin Jacob
22 years old.
Martin grew up without a mother.
He likes women, and treats them all like a true gentleman.

Addition of characters:

(as I write/play the legacy characters that surface with the development of the story)ย 


Olivia and Daniel Longheart (mother and son)
Olivia is a famous actress in Sunset Valley.
Her biggest weakness is her son Daniel; she would do anything for him.
Daniel is 24 years old; on the surface, he is just a boy who lives with his mother and is an aspiring actor. But Daniel has a bigger goal in life… and that is a secret :p



6 thoughts on “Tradition is a Name — Characters for the Mellark Legacy

  1. This story is going to be so interesting, I can already feel it. I read through all the characters, and they all seem amazing. Do you use sliders? It looked like you did for Annabelle’s friends. I also like how you put the grandparents being a good couple next to Ron and Hermione for I am a Harry Potter nerd myself. I’ve read the books and watched all the movies. But yeah, looking forward to more of this!


    • Thank simswhen!! Currently working on the first chapter, I have almost everything ready so Ill be posting in few days ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes I use sliders for all the sims I make. Once I discovered them cannot live without them now hahaha.


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